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Sunday, July 19, 2009

TweetThis! 22 Ph.D. positions: From Neuroscience to Neuro-Inspired Computing

22 Ph.D. Positions are available in the following scientific work areas: Neurobiology of Cells and Networks, Modelling of Neural Systems, Neuromorphic Hardware, Neuro-Electronic Interfaces, Computational Principles in Neural Architectures, Mechanisms of Learning and Plasticity.

This 'Marie-Curie Initial Training Network' (funded by the EU) involves 15 groups at European Research Universities, Research Centers and Industrial Partners in 6 countries.

Ph.D. students will participate in an exciting research programme and will receive a strongly interdisciplinary training in all scientific areas involved as well as in additional skills (planned training workshops). The program also includes extended stays in several partner laboratories (about 4 months in 2-3 different locations). Ph.D. degrees will be awarded by the universities of the partner groups. Each position is funded for up to 3 years.

Applicants with an excellent degree (Master of Science, Diploma, earned since September 2005) in Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics and the strong wish to actively contribute to an interdisciplinary research activity are invited to apply.

Apply for one of the 22 available Ph.D. positions
Please see the How to apply page to apply.

Short version:
To apply use the web-based-application forms

The application deadline is 20 August 2009 and the work should start between October 2009 and July 2010
Conditions (details):
  • you are an 'early stage researcher', i.e. (a) you hold a degree which formally entitles you to embark on a doctorate and (b) the degree has been earned after October 2005 (=less than 4 years ago at selection time)
  • you have a nationality of a country other than the country of host group for which you apply
  • you have not lived in the country of the host group for more than 12 months between October 2006 and October 2009
Research Areas
Area I: Neurobiology of cells and networks
Area II: Modelling of Neural Systems
Area III a: Neuromorphic Hardware
Area III b: Neuro-Electronic Interfaces
Area IV: Computational Principles, Learning and Plasticity

While each thesis has a primary scientific area, it is explicitly envisaged that the thesis projects bridge the gap to at least one of the other work areas.

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