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Friday, June 05, 2009

TweetThis! Funny: A Black Man's Prayer

Please, and please, do not take this serious, lighten up a bit.
I know you might have read this before, but it doesn't matter to laugh again.
I wonder how a woman's prayer would read be if she were to rephrase this one (not the other one where she prays not to get power over her man because.... that's another classic one).
We humble ourselves to you this day and ask you to forgive us our sins, although we have none.
This is because it is not us who killed Jesus Christ, it was the Whites.
He was betrayed by the white man, and they sold him to another white man who ordered that he be beaten.
It was the whites who even voted that he be crucified.
The name of the betrayer was Judas Iscariot, we do not even have such names we have the likes of Massawe, Onyango, Rutaihwa, Banda, Koffi, Hamusankwa, Xcube, Ssisseng'o etc.
We don't even know where Golgotha is, where he was crucified. We only know how to go from Lububashi, to Kericho, to Bugema to Unguja to Abuja and back.
We have never even been to any of the Bible cities so we could not by any chance be involved in the crucifixion.
If you do not believe me, you could even watch the movie "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST", there is no Black man there.
Please, We ask you to let the Black man be rich and the White man work for him.

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