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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TweetThis! "Sixth Sense" (the) is where the world of Sci & Tech is heading

So, what's the buzz behind this device?
Well, this is a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment -TED. When wearing this gadget, you will be able to see things in details without having to read all the information written by the manufacturing company or even better, the ability to know somebody without asking them any personal life questions (did I hear somebody crying foul - HOW ABOUT MY PRIVACY? - sorry). For a person who owns a website or blog (like aheim... nukta77) s/he will have to suffer the inability to hide their information until such a time when somebody debunks the powers bestowed upon the 'Sixth Sense'... I can't think of the parents vs kids. No more lying. Papa and Mama looks at you and they already know what you posted on Myspace and Facebook... better still, how about stepping in the house only to explain to your girlfriend/boyfriend how 'you had an emergency situation at work and had to work late' ...just before you open your innocent mouth, you hear, 'honey, wait, let me put my sixth sense on'. LOL... I don't want to imagine you and your boss!

Well, for the time being, lets enjoy this advancement in technology, we shall worry about the outcome of the device when we have enough information to worry about, okay? OK, enough with the talk, now watch the video below to appreciate the efforts and developments done so far.

In this video, Pattie Mae demonstrates how the 'Sixth Sense' device is expected to work. Whoever said that 'invention' was a thing of the past, they really need to think again or just die and let others keep on inventing. Pranav Mistry (click the name to read more on him) is the genius guy behind this project at MIT.
Info source: TED website

3 feedback :

Deo said... Thu Mar 12, 12:46:00 AM MST  

Oh My God! Subi umenimaliza! What is all this technology trend heading us to? 666 is really possible now ! Du! Du! Du du du...... =-O

Subi Nukta said... Thu Mar 12, 01:25:00 PM MST  

Ni teknolojia tu, bado kidogo tutaanza kuishi maisha ya sinema na fictions tunazoziona kwenye Tv.
Nitafurahi sana tutakapoanza kuishi maisha ya kutokujali chakula LOL, lakini unaishi (wavivu wa kula utawajua tu na wishes zao - si mimi ha ha a).
Na kitambo kidogo mtu ataishi Alaska na kuwasiliana kwa picha kama Tv na Bibi yake aliyepo Rufiji.
Teknolojia! 8-)

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