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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TweetThis! PhD position in Physical Oceanography & Seismic Acoustics

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)
The NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is an independent research institute associated with the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). NIOZ was founded in 1876 and is one of the oldest major oceanographic institutions in Europe. Its mission is to pursue curiosity-driven multidisciplinary marine research in coastal and shelf seas as well as in the open ocean through close co-operation between physicists, chemists, geologists and biologists.

Marine research is carried out by five scientific departments: Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Biogeochemistry, Biological Oceanography and Marine Ecology.

PhD position in Physical Oceanography & Seismic Acoustics
Topic: “Observational and theoretical study of the equatorial boundary layer”
Period: 4 years
Location: NIOZ, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research – Texel, Netherlands

Observations show that dynamically the ocean differs distinctly in a narrow zone of ±1o near the equator compared to off-equatorial regions. This zone is not only dominated by strong, vertically alternating zonal currents that inhibit cross-equatorial transport, but also its stratification, mixing, internal wave climate and biological diversity differ widely. Global ocean and climate models often give a very simplified picture of many processes in this band, and particularly those of small-scale are badly represented, if at all. This is partly due to lack of spatial observational resolution. The consequence is that the predictive value of these models is limited. In particular, neither the choking effect of this band of zonal currents on the meridional transport of heat, in the Atlantic Ocean of relevance to Western European climate, nor its variation under climate change is known.

*Geometric focusing* of small-scale internal waves, traditionally neglected, might have an important effect on the dynamics of the equatorial zone, which we aim to illuminate by (1) *in situ *measurements of physical and acoustic fields along a cross-equatorial transect; (2) use of satellite data; (3) comparison to theoretical and numerical model predictions; and (4) development of these models.

The emphasis is on understanding (1) the strong and strongly varying equatorial current pattern; (2) the role of small-scale but intensive internal waves; (3) the role of geometric focusing of internal waves on the vertical transport and distribution of heat, momentum and particles (‘acoustic scatterers’); and (4) the possible consequences thereof for the meridional transport of heat and changes therein due to global climate change. The strategy will be to search latitudinally for coherent patterns in underwater physical and acoustic parameters, combining them with surface meteorological and remote sensing data.

We offer
A full-time PhD position for 4 years, a pension scheme, a health insurance allowance, a yearly 8% vacation allowance, year-end bonus and flexible employment conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Employment Agreement of the NWO Research Institutes.

Further information on the project and the position can be obtained from
Prof. Leo Maas
phone: +31-222-369419
email: maas@nioz.nl
website: www.nioz.nl/maas
Dr. Hans van Haren
phone: +31-222-369451,
email: hansvh@nioz.nl
Jolanda Evers, Human Resources
Email: Jolanda.evers@nioz.nl
phone +31-222-369371

Applicants should sent an application letter, CV, and the name, postal and email address of two persons familiar with the previous performance of the applicant to the Personnel
Department attended to:
Mrs. Jolanda Evers,
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ),
P.O. Box 59, 1790 AB Den Burg,
Texel, The Netherlands
or e-mail to: jobs@nioz.nl

Closing Date: April 20th 2009 or until a qualified candidate is identified.

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