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Thursday, March 19, 2009

TweetThis! "Its a BIG FAT LIE" - Oprah Winfrey / Tommy Hilfiger

It's been a while since I recorded this video, I am not sure when exactly but it was sometime back in 2007. I happened to watch the show because my aunt is a big fan of Oprah and Dr. Phil shows. I do not watch Tv shows except when somebody shouts out that there is something interesting showing in Tv. ...wonder why I averted myself from watching Tv? blame it on the computer and the Internet.

Now, where was I before I interrupted myself...? ah, yes, the very well cooked, tasty and spiced up "beef" (a common word used between hip-hop rivals - why did they think about beef? why not use another word, something like, like... I don't know, anything, sorry) yes, between Tommy Hilfiger , a very successful man in the fashion world and Oprah Winfrey , a very successful woman in the media world that Blacks, Latinos and Asians should not wear TH cloth lines because of the allegedly 'racial remarks' the former made to these ethnic groups. If you would like to read more about this cooked scam, please go ahead and peruse these sites, in the mean time, you can watch this short video, see and hear Oprah and Tommy referring to the rumor as a 'BFL' = Big Fat Lie. She urges you to say the same.

Why did I put it here today? It's because I received that chain e-letter again. I wish this thing would die soon. It was born in 1996, it's a approaching teenage now, well, hopefully it will die soon if people stop debating about this non sensible thing. Anyways, as soon as we forget about it, somebody is going to pop it up afresh, and such is the world of recycling.

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