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Thursday, March 19, 2009

TweetThis! "wow" weblinks - Online photo editors [updated last: 7th July 2009]

  • Pho.to - An online service for creating your own animated avatars. You just need to upload a picture and choose a desired effect. You could choose from a large number of special effects such as emotions, collages and many more.
  • Picnik - Upload a photo, modify exposure, contrast, saturation, remove red eyes add or remove other effects, add text (there are some interesting fonts to use), save or share your photos with other web sharing services.
  • Photoshop Express - Crop, rotate, resize, correct, modify exposure and saturation, remove red eyes etc. from your photos. Basic account provides 2GB of free storage.
  • Pixlr - Open your photos, make all the changes you want i.e. brush, clone stamp, blur, sharpen and wand.
  • Slashup - Flash-based on-line with features to edit your photos online. Ability to manage multiple file in a window environment, layers, filters and brushes. Adding text and sharing your photo with other web services is possible.
  • ImageLoop - upload your photos and then create slideshows and other cool widgets easily!
  • FlauntR - Edit and enhance your photos. Create widgets and slideshows and share them with other web sharing services. You get unlimited storage space.
  • JPGfun - Improve your photo with funny effects or even put your photo on a magazine cover.
  • Deefunia - Free and easy online fun photo or picture editor for you to have fun with your photos.
  • PhotoFunia - Place to apply some amazing effects to make your photos unique and fun.
  • Wetfloormaker - a graphic effects technique that gives your photo/logo a reflection.
  • WriteOnIt - Here you can easily create your fake pictures, captions and fake magazines and other funny jokes for you and your friends.
  • Smushit is a service that goes beyond the limitations of Photoshop, Fireworks & Co. It uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images - without changing their look or visual quality. You'll get a report of how many bytes you can save by optimizing your images and all the changed images as a single zip for download. Smush it comes in different flavours: You can upload a bunch of pictures in your browser; You can provide us with a list of image urls or You can get a Firefox Extension or a cross-browser bookmarklet to optimize the images found on any web page.
  • Txt2Pic - Upload a photo so you can add special effects to touch-up or add some creativity to the image. Here you can mash-up your digital photographs to make fake magazine covers, motivational posters, sports cards, photocards, funny scenes, newspaper headlines, novelty styles and much more (almost 1,000 template layouts). Put your face on the body of a famous celebrity or make silly mashups. Add 3D borders, frames, comic speech/thought bubbles and even custom text messages! Create large sized nifty touchups to your photos, give them a touch of personality or fantasy. Try out the Image Processor (darken, lighten, sharpen, blur, contrast, warp/twist, etc) to manipulate the image beyond reality. Mashup your photos to photocards, funny templates, calendars, posters, magazine covers, sports cards, etc.
  • ReducePhoto - a FREE online photo reducing tool designed to resize large photographs. The left margin on the site has links to other FREE online resizing tools which can make a avatar or a thumbnail from a photo, crop a photo, add text labels within a photo, add a caption under a photo and frame a photo.
  • RoroundPic - Online tool for making anti-aliased rounded corners for avatars and images. New sizes for rounding, shadow adding, border adding, saving as html, png, gif, bmp and mass edge rounding.
  • BeFunky - BeFunky Photo Effects allow everyday people to easily create photographically rich and artistic results from their digital images without the need for any technical knowledge. These "one-click" photo effect options produce desired results effortlessly and each effect comes with the option to make simple adjustments.

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Anonymous said... Tue Sep 01, 03:39:00 AM MST  

Thanks, photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is PicJoke.com - funny photo effects - they make a new effect every day!

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