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Friday, March 20, 2009

TweetThis! A Message from Tyler Perry - I've Gotta Question For Ya

I am subscribed in Tyler Perry's e-mailing list and a few weeks ago I received this newsletter from him, therefore I decided to share it here with my wonderful blog readers and anybody who loves him and/or his work. Here is what he wrote...

Hi there,

Thank you again for making MADEA GOES TO JAIL #1 again. I do so appreciate it. I don’t think you know how that makes me feel. It’s one thing to have dreams--it’s another thing to see them come true right before your very eyes. My mother always told me to give people their flowers while they’re alive, so these are my dozens of roses to you. Thank you again.

Just a few things. It’s been reported that I’m killing off 'Madea'. Now I have been saying for years that the moment people stop coming to see her she will die a quick death. For years I’ve said this. Now, all of a
sudden, it’s everywhere that I'm killing her off. That’s strange to me. Anyway, the character is a lot of fun to watch but it's no fun getting into the costume, let me tell you. I even got a letter from The Queen of Soul herself saying (and this made me laugh so hard) there are two things that have brought you over. One is Jesus, and the other is 'Madea'. And you bet' not get rid of either one of them!...LOL. So, with all of that said, I’m happy to announce that my next movie is I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF--just for all the die hard 'Madea' fans including you Ms. Aretha Franklin.....LOL. After that I’m doing WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO! And 'Madea' will be taking a break for awhile. Not dead. Just a break (smile).
To all my HOUSE OF PAYNE folks--how much do we love Lance Gross? He plays 'Calvin' on the show. That kid is so talented. By the way I never congratulated him on his engagement. He’s engaged to Eva Marcille ("America's Next Top Model"), so congratulations. Did I ever tell you how I found him? If I did stop me, but Tasha Smith ('Angela' in WHY DID I GET MARRIED?) teaches an acting class in Los Angeles and she has all these young people in there learning to act and she said, "You gotta see this kid!" Lance went up and did a monologue. He was so great! Right then I knew I wanted to work with him. He’s so talented. I think he’s going to go on to be a huge star. I love being able to make people's dreams come true. It’s such a blessing. Anyway, I digress. Lance’s character, 'Calvin', is about to do something that is going to turn these next few shows OUT! You are going to be MMMAADDDD! But I want your opinion as it starts to happen because this storyline just came about as we were shooting. Just watch. Can you guess what it is?

Okay. This is a long email and I know a lot of you read them at work so I should stop here, but I just have a question. A lot of times I talk to you about my past and all the things I’ve been through. There’s so much more that I want to share, but sometimes I feel like you all get tired of hearing it. But honestly, the reason I share my experiences with you is because I’ve been able to work through a lot of deep scarring, and by
sharing it’s my hope that it will help others... whatcha think?

You know how to get me,
Tyler Perry

To respond to this message directly to his account, please go to http://www.tylerperry.com/messageboard 

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