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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

TweetThis! WNUSP General Assembly and Conference 2009

March 16-20 2009, Kampala, Uganda

Making our Rights a Reality - Human Rights in the Age of the CRPD

WNUSP has the pleasure to invite you to its third general assembly and conference in Kampala, Uganda. After Vancouver, Canada in 2001, Vejle, Denmark in 2004, we are happy to hold our assembly in Africa for the first time and thank our hosts Mental Health Uganda.
Delegates from WNUSP member organisations are invited to attend the conference and GA. The conference is open to users and survivors of psychiatry from all regions of the world. Priority will be given to members.  If you have not yet joined but are interested in becoming a member, please do so before registering for the conference.

WNUSP is struggling hard to assure the funding of the meeting, so this announcement is under reserve of securing the funding needed. Since we have not been able to fully finance the conference and the support we got so far is by no means sufficient, we ask conference participants to contribute to the conference costs.

All participants are asked to contribute at least 100 US $ (150 US $) to the overall conference costs. Those who can afford more are kindly asked to contribute 250 US $ or donate even more money in order to enable us to support the participation of delegates from poorer regions.

Please register if you are interested. Only people from poorer countries can apply for scholarships. We are committed to making this conference as inclusive as possible and will do our best to support scholarships for users and survivors from low income countries.  However, we are not yet sure if we will be able to waive participant contributions or support travelling costs at all. Please use every means you have to raise funds for the participation. Participants have to cover their own travel costs.

We are also trying to find possibilities to support travel costs for participants from low income countries, but this is also under reserve of funds available.

Participants are asked to organise their travel plans themselves. Please wait with booking tickets until confirmation of the GA. But save the date and make sure you can find your travel costs. If you have any possibilities to support WNUSP and MHU with funding the general assembly or contribute to travel costs for other participants, please let us know.

Registration for the conference is now possible via the WNUSP and MHU website and via email. Please wait with booking flights until confirmation of attendance and the conference itself since we might have to limit the number of participants and are striving to have an adequate regional representation at the conference. We hope to be able to confirm by the end of November.

Registration to the Conference and General Assembly

The program for the conference

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