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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

TweetThis! Top 20 Africa's Rich List - Fascinating!

When I read the figures in this list, the easiest word that came in mind was, 'fascinating!'

I just can't believe that there are people dying of hunger and diseases and yet, there are billionaires flourishing around the neighborhood.

Why this much gap? What is it that we are doing (or not doing if that suits) to not be able to accumulate enough to see us through in, at least, a month?

How possible is it to accumulate this much money? What is all this wealth for?

Life is like a puzzle! I have mine waiting to be assembled. Good luck on yours!

1. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (est $65 Billion)
President of Equatorial Guinea 1979 - Todate
Born: 5 June 1942

2. Muammar al-Gaddafi ($56 Billion)
Leader and Guide of the Revolution
The Libyan Leader 1969 - Todate

3. Dr. Mike Adenuga ($27 Billion)
Chairman of Globacom, a Telecommunications company


4. Onsi Sawiris ($20 Billion)
Egptian Businessman who heads Orascom
a Telecommunicatons company

 5. Mohammed Al Amoudi ($ 9 Billion)
Ethiopian Business man
Oil, Gas, Mining, Hotels, Agriculture and hospitals


6. Aliko Dangote ($ 4 Billion)
Nigerian Businessman
Dankotes businesses include food processing, cement manufacturing and freight.

7. Strive Masiyiwa ($ 3.5 Billion)
(aka "Bill Gates of Africa") is a Zimbabwean businessman
and cellphone pioneer, founding Econet Wireless.

8. Robert Gabriel Mugabe ($ 3 Billion)
Robert Mugabe
President of Zimbabwe 1987 - Todate

9. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed ( $ 3 Billion)
Eqyptian Businessman
His Business interests include Harrods department store in london and Fulham, an English
Premiership football club

10. Ibru Family ( $ 2.5 Billion)
Hotels and Banking in Africa Nigerian Businesses


11. Femi Otedola ( $ 2 Billion)
Nigerian Business man
Business interests include Zenon Oil and other Oil Products


12. Yoweri Museveni ($ 1.7 Billion)
President of Uganda 1986 - Todate


13. Olusegun Obasanjo ( $ 1.3 Billion)
President of Nigeria 1999 – 2007

 14. Anis haggar ( $ 1.3 Billion)
Sudanese industrialist haggar-hf.com

15. Mo Ibrahim ($ 1.2 Billion)
A Sudanese, the founder of Celtel International


16. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi ( $ 1.2 Billion)
President of Kenya 1978 - 2002


17. Musa Danjuma (est $ 1.2 Billion)
A Nigerian Businessman
Business Interests include real estate and shipping

18. Patrice Motsepe (est $ 1.2 Billion)
South African entrepreneur
has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum.

19. Madhvani Family (est $ 800 Million)
Roni Madvani
A Ugandan Business man
Business interests include Uganda Tourism Board and Hotels

20. Cyril Ramaphosa (est $ 600 Million)
South African business man and politician
Business interests include Shaduka Holdings, Bidvest Group, MTN Group and SASRIA Limited

2 feedback :

tukam Dixon said... Thu Feb 12, 02:38:00 AM MST  

And they do think about the future?

You forgot a couple-not forgetting the natural-human resource un-utilised/misused but exported wholly!
Though most of them have always proved a worth-We have long accessed and would love to evaluate all gains against odds over time in their presence as we see what they have in effective-realisation/PLAN.

On one honest meeting with validity-it is leaders who dislodge their followers,not forgetting how the people un-employ themselves while affecting innocent others heavily thus depression(s).

Take care folks-Afrika is under control.

They are most probably pending for the best.

Subi Nukta said... Thu Feb 12, 08:05:00 PM MST  

I agree with you, especially on the 'exploitation' part, just because most of those in this list have accumulated wealth, acquired it in shad ways. I bet they are not honest enough to disclose how they got all this wealth. They won't dare to share with other fellow citizens on 'ways to become rich'. Certainly they can not tell us that it's work only that has done them this much reward (that has to be real "WORK" which unfortunately, majority of us do not get to participate in).

I think it's a shame to have all that money while having workers devoting their time and effort at work hoping to at least get a raise of some sort, but all that get to be written in their review file at the end of a quarter/year is all the negatives they unintentionally did, (if you are lucky) you get a borderline positive 's/he is a good worker'.

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