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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

TweetThis! Stop the wrong impression about Tanzania's position in the E.A. Community fast tracking

Representatives of Tanzania in the E.A Legislative Assembly have denied reports that the country has failed to fast track the political integration process. Tanzanian's position has been misunderstood. Tanzania is committed to the fast tracking of the Common Markets and will continue to push for its integration in the region by 2012.

Tanzania only disagreed on some issues, namely: control of land and the issue of regional ID cards.
Control of land:
  • Tanzania wants land to remain under the control of National laws instead of making it a part of the common market.
  •  Land is a sensitive issue, and different states have different land ownership policies, it is best to leave it out to avoid any mishaps.
Regional ID cards:
  • For security concerns, Tanzania emphasizes on sticking to the traditional way of traveling with Passports instead of introducing ID cards as travel docs.

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