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Friday, June 27, 2008

TweetThis! Viroja vya baadhi ya watu

Kweli siri ya mtu ipo moyoni mwake. Na afadhali Mwenyezi Mungu hakutujalia uwezo wa kuona siri za moyo wa mtu, mbona tungeshaondoana humu duniani?Inabidi kila unapokutana na mtu uanze kukemea kimoyomoyo maana hujui nafsini mwake mwake ana... mmmh.Stori nzima na maoni baada ya maandishi ya FatLoser yanapatikana hapa (bofya)------------------ Qwest To Workers: Pee In A Urinal Bag [Classy]
consumerist.com Union representatives are pissed that Qwest ordered field workers to pee in urinal bags so they wouldn't waste time trying to find public bathrooms. The disposable urinal bags were distributed by a manager to 25 male field techs in Colorado.
hell....why not just make them wear diapers..../s
I know you were kidding but this is actually a very good idea. I suffer from a condition called hyperhydrosis which basically means my sweat glands are like leaky faucets. I am 28 years old but I wear adult diapers (Depends™) so that the back of my pants doesn't have a streak of wetness down them. At first this was all I used them for -- to cover up the stain of my butt sweat -- but over time I learned to enjoy wearing diapers for the other benefits they confer. I can pee in public. I can be speaking to somebody and I can literally pee my pants, and nobody has to know but me. There are very few things quite as stimulating as unloading my bladder into soft cottony absorbent material and letting my penis swim around in urine for a while before everything is absorbed. Yesterday I was talking to a woman I have a crush on and I peed myself, and it was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me. I tried pooping in them once but it was a horrible mess to clean up and it smelled bad :(« View All Comments)

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