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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TweetThis! Matangazo feki

Kuna watu ama wamo hatarini au tayari wamelizwa matangazo hewa ya kazi za uwongo za UN.
There are people nowadays sending UN Job offers which are scam. You don't even need a microscope to find it out. No doubt about it. It is a well organized cybercrime, or rather, a method of having you reach to your own pocket and hand them your 'vijisenti' happily. ?happily? I dunno.
Check out these quick facts.

A UN organization with an email address ending with a .st (jobs@unlp.corp.st.)??? is no where to be found in this world. That's not UN.There is no such thing as UNLP in the UN. From where did it come from? When was it born? The closest I can think of right now is only ILO, labda mtu anirekebisha la sivyo hakuna upuuzi mwingine.A legitimate UN site to look for job offers is: http://unjobs.org/ OR https://jobs.un.org/Galaxy/Release3/vacancy/vacancy.aspx

UN is an organisation thus it should bear the .org and 'un' in it's address just as a US govt site will have a .gov or Tz govt site with a .go.tz anything with .com is for commercial, .net for network, .ca for Canada etc. And it should be placed properly. Hiyo .corp.st stands for what? Corporation? (ya majambazi) na hiyo .st for what? street? (ya wezi) .... haya, hebu watutolee utumbo wao hapa.Halafu the names such ati Dr. Duke, Dr. Plumer na sijui upuuzi gani, are not even googlable, not yahooable, not msnliveable, I mean to say not search-able. You would expect to see a trace of these names somewhere if truly these people are UN employees (even though not always true, but most likely it should..).Lastly, do not even try to check with those people kwa sababu, these fraudulent sons and daughters of skunks are using the same anwani but with different approach on the message content in order to laghai people wa Mungu bure tu, that should be your lesson. Hakuna cha wameniibia tu sambi ni sao, hicho ni kilio cha kuku, vifaranga wameshakwenda kuwa kitoweo cha mwewe who cares less about machozi ya kuku! Utajalaza watoto na familia njaa bure sijui utajijibu kitu gani kwa lawama utakazojitwika. Somebody tayari amelizwad 'tujisenti' twake twa $1,000/=. Read his/her strory from the fraud-watchers here: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14094

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