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Thursday, September 10, 2009

TweetThis! Video: 'I look to you'. Welcome back Whitney Houston!

For a long time my aunt, Julie, was a victim of all sorts of funny and laughable jokes from some family members and friends for being a loyal fan of Whitney Houston (WH). Well, I guess it's time we got a slap on face for that. As it is right now, WH seem to have gotten her life back on track and is singing again. News out there following the release of her 2009 album "I Look To You" suggests that Whitney Houston's comeback has topped the U.S. pop chart!
"I Look To You" becomes Houston's fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 304,801 copies during the week ended September 6, according to Nielsen SoundScan - report Reuters.
There are some remarkable things that I learn from my aunt for being a fan of WH, for once "persistence" then "never ever give up on yourself" and "cling onto your strong supporters". Aunt Julie always believed and preached to us that WH would comeback (you know how it goes)... our reactions? Priceless! We would ridicule back with a strong support of every single negative article and/or news we could get from the media, tell you what, to her, all our efforts seemed to be a song in deaf ears! She would say, 'mtasema weee, mkichoka mtalala' (literally meaning: speak all you can, when tired you will sleep). She would keep on telling us that we were all wrong and that the media was lying or exaggerating the WH issue than it really was (but aunt admit it now for the sake of it, WH was in a bad shape, right? Watch Oprah on Monday, she admits to it). Anyhow, we are speechless at the moment as in due time, and with all the prayers, WH has finally proved us wrong. She is back. I hope that she continue to prove us wrong until the end of times.

WH's comeback and taught me a lesson (or two, or three or more), that:
  • To trust in the power of prayers and hope is your strongest weapon.
  • To stick with supportive friends all the time is a must.
  • No matter how much others tell you that you are done, you can still stand up and say I am not done yet.
  • Hang in there! Willingness to try, commitment and hard work can (almost always) help you overcome all.
Well, it's been a while now but a good long wait. I pray that she keeps moving forward. If she has finally overcame some of her big issues (or lets hope so), that's good for her, her daughter, family, friends and fans!
With all my heart I say,
Welcome Back Whitney Houston!

3 feedback :

Anonymous said... Thu Sep 10, 09:46:00 PM MST  

You know what, you have to know this woman and what she has been through to appreciate her comeback(watch Oprah). How many artists have gone down and never saw the light of the day? As doctor Phil would say," You can't change what you don't acknowledge". Whitney acknowledged her mistakes meaning that she was ready to change. Beating drugs is no joke. She might not be there 100% but with the support she is getting from her Mom(Mungu abariki kina mama wote) she will get through it. I was and am still her number one fun!

[Dan] said... Fri Sep 11, 12:42:00 PM MST  

I daresay that entangling with bad boy Bobby brown drove her up the cliff. I'd known the relation to be flawed all along, thank God it's all over.

The Wikipedia article on Whitney made me laff with mirth when I read Bobby brown sought court granting to obtain spousal maintenance allowance and kid custody. Guess what he could do to a kid's future if he could mess up this big girl's life.

Thank God it's all over.

Subi said... Fri Sep 11, 02:37:00 PM MST  

Thx Anon for believing in her, if anything, we should be supporting anybody who is trying to stand up again after a fall and not trash her.
Bro Dan, thx for bringing up the Wiki article, I went and read it and I could't stop thinking, 'what was Bobby Brown thinking? (or not thinking)".

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