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Sunday, August 09, 2009

TweetThis! Video: Africa Uncovered - Murder & Myth - Albino killings in Tanzania

You can read my previous posts about albinism and Tanzania via this link: http://nukta77.blogspot.com/search=albino

Apart from being discriminated against almost all over Africa due to their skin color, albinos in Tanzania and now Burundi face a more serious threat, that is, death due to myth and witchcraft activities that let people believe in becoming rich by using body parts of these innocent human beings.

I hope that one day leaders of this country will be answerable to the international courts for not taking measures enough to protect their own citizens especially the disabled. It is the duly duty of everyone to exercise respect to humanity and protect human lives, but it is the responsibility of the leadership to enforce these laws, especially when broken. But what do we do when leadership fail to accomplish the duty? There is when I think the International Community should be involved.

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