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Thursday, August 06, 2009

TweetThis! 2010 Predoctoral Scholarship Application Specifics (US citizens and residents only)

John. A. Hartford Foundation
Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity
Predoctoral Scholarship Program

The American Academy of Nursing seeks applicants for its Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) Predoctoral Scholarship Program. This 2-year scholarship program supports full time doctoral education for nurses committed to careers in academic geriatric nursing. Through generous funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation, the BAGNC Program awards a total of $100,000 ($50,000 per annum) to each selected Predoctoral Scholar. The Mayday Fund provides an additional $5,000 award to selected candidates whose research focuses on pain in older persons. The Scholarship Award term begins July 1st of the award year.

  • Predoctoral applicants must:
  • be registered nurses,
  • hold degree(s) in nursing,
  • be United States citizens or permanent U.S. residents,
  • plan an academic and research career, and
  • demonstrate potential for long-term contributions to geriatric nursing.

BAGNC Scholarship applicants must meet all requirements for admission to the School of Nursing in which they plan to study and be accepted to the program prior to the official start of the BAGNC award term. The School of Nursing must have strong gerontological offerings and preferably have postdoctoral programs in gerontological nursing. Finally, BAGNC Scholars are required to enroll full-time.

The program is committed to advancing qualified applicants from underrepresented minority groups to improve the nation’s ability to provide culturally competent care to its increasingly diverse aging population.


Program Description
The goal of the BAGNC Scholarship program is to increase academic geriatric nursing capacity in the United States by increasing the number of well-prepared geriatric nursing faculty. BAGNC Scholars, in collaboration with their mentor, will implement a tailored professional development plan which supports development of new competencies and enhanced effectiveness as an academic leader. The Program also focuses on the development of academic leadership in gerontological nursing through:
  • strong mentorship in the components of academic geriatric nursing (research, teaching and community service),  
  • leadership skill development,
  • a national network of scholars, fellows and academic geriatric nurses, and
  • exposure to a wide range of experts in gerontology and geriatrics.
The selected institution is a significant consideration in the application review and selection process. Many nursing schools throughout the country are acceptable places of study and research. It is important that the school chosen have the resources and capacity to support the Scholar in his or her doctoral study.


The John A. Hartford Foundation funds nine Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence. These Hartford Centers demonstrate the highest level of commitment to gerontological nursing, and have outstanding leadership and capacity in gerontological research, practice and education. Although applicants are encouraged to consider these Hartford Centers as potential sites for their doctoral program, it is not a requirement for this application.

The nine Hartford Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence located at the following Schools or Colleges of Nursing:

  • Arizona State University,
  • Oregon Health & Science University,
  • Pennsylvania State University,
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,
  • University of California at San Francisco,
  • University of Iowa,
  • University of Minnesota,
  • University of Pennsylvania, and
  • University of Utah.


Mentorship is the cornerstone of the BAGNC program. Applicants must identify a strong mentor whose program of research in gerontological nursing is a good match with the applicant’s research interest area. Mentors must provide a letter outlining the plan for their work with the applicant. Each applicant must designate one individual as the primary mentor for the grant term.



The Predoctoral Scholarship Award offers each candidate a total of $100,000, not to exceed $50,000 per year. Applicants may also request an additional $5,000 Mayday Award if research focuses on pain in older adults, which may be used over the two year term. The Coordinating Center covers the scholar’s travel and hotel for participation in the Leadership Conference.


If Selected, Scholars must:

  • Assume and maintain full-time student status throughout award period
  • Eliminate or reduce work commitments to .5FTE or less
  • Attend BAGNC’s Annual Leadership Conference as well as the Gerontological Society of America’s (GSA) Annual Scientific Meeting. (Mentors are encouraged to attend the Leadership Conference.)
  • Criteria Considered in Selection of Scholars
  • Strong applications will demonstrate all of the following.

 Applicant demonstrates:

Evidence of commitment to a career in academic geriatric nursing

Evidence of involvement in educational, research and professional activities

Potential for substantial, long term contributions to the knowledge base in gerontological nursing

Potential for leadership

Proposed Professional Development Plan and Research Area

The application will be evaluated for the presence of:


A clear and thorough professional development plan that is tailored to meet the goals of the potential scholar (this must include the program of study and feasible timeline)

A clear, feasible and innovative proposed research area (if early in the doctoral program) or project (if later in the doctoral program), that has significant potential for improving the health and well-being of older adults and their caregivers (Applicants who are further along are expected to provide more detail and development in their research plan)

If the applicant is employed and plans to continue employment during the scholarship period, they must include a letter from his or her employer indicating how the applicant’s workload will be reduced to .5FTE or less to permit full time study.

Selected Mentor(s) and Institution of Study

The application must:

  • Provide the qualifications of the faculty mentor and detailed evidence of the mentor’s commitment to, and involvement with, the applicant’s professional development throughout the 2-year award program.
  • Include primary mentor’s agreement to participate in program activities, and the Annual Leadership Conference when possible.
  • Provides evidence of school’s commitment to the applicant’s academic career and professional development during the applicant’s scholarship period
  • Provides plan for continued support to ensure completion of doctoral program after grant term ends.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The BAGNC program includes ongoing administrative support as well as oversight. Please read the following policies for details on these features.

Program Policies and Reporting Procedures (2009)

Disbursement Policy and Financial Office Agreement (2009)

January: Applications due. (12:00 Midnight EST, January 13, 2010)

March: BAGNC Selection Committee reviews all completed applications submitted by the stated deadline then selects a panel of candidates. All applicants are advised of decisions as soon as feasible.

July 1st: Award program officially begins.



Please first check our FAQ page. If you need further clarification or have additional questions, please contact anyone at the Coordinating Center.

Link: http://www.geriatricnursing.org/applications/predoc-scholarship.asp


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