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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TweetThis! "wow" weblinks

  • Web20Badges - a site to create free and very cool web badges. Web badges have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours.Badges can be used to display a big 'Beta' message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion.
  • BannerFans.com - create and customize banners online. Banners can be downloaded in JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
  • TinyTags - is a site for generating a little tag graphic with text on it. After you make your tag, you can download it to your computer or save it to Flickr or ImageShack with a single click.
  • Screedbot - the animated scrolling typewriter text generator. Write some text and clickCreate Screed to make your own animated text. After you make your text you can save it to your computer, to Flickr, or to ImageShack.us and put it on your blog, MySpace, or use it as your LiveJournal userpic. 
  • Heypasteit.com - Paste anything you want, then get a link to help you get it from anywhere or send it to friends.

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