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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TweetThis! PhD internships - UNU-WIDER, Finland

The UNU-WIDER PhD Research Internship Programme aims to provide PhD (doctoral degree) students registered at a university and similar research institutions the opportunity to utilise the resources and facilities available at UNU-WIDER for their PhD thesis research to produce papers suitable for publication in the Research Paper series and elsewhere to work jointly with UNU-WIDER researchers in areas of mutual interest.

Selection criteria (essential)

Applicants should
(a) be currently enrolled into a PhD programme.
(b) have shown ability to conduct research on developing or transition economies. Candidates working in other social sciences may apply but should keep in mind that UNU-WIDER is an economics-focused institute.
(c) be fluent in oral and written English.
(d) possess good quantitative and statistical analysis skills.

Selection criteria (desirable)

Preference will be given to applicants
(a) who are living or working in developing or transition countries.
(b) whose research topics are linked to UNU-WIDER’s current programme.
(c) who are willing to work jointly with UNU-WIDER researchers for mutual benefit.
(d) who are at later stages of their PhD.

Selection procedure
1. Applications will normally close on 30 September of each year.
2. Short-listed applicants will be asked to contact interested/relevant UNU-WIDER researchers to work out a revised research proposal and research timetable. Only those endorsed by UNU-WIDER researchers are to be considered for final selection.
3. Final selection is to be made by mid-November, taking into consideration issues of office space, gender balance, regional coverage, and relevance to current UNU-WIDER projects.
4. Short-listed applicants will be informed of the final decision by the end of November.
5. The selected applicants must confirm their decision to take up UNU-WIDER’s offer by 15 December.

The selected interns are expected to
(a) spend 2-6 months in Helsinki and return to their home institution afterwards.
(b) pursue research on a mutually agreed topic.
(c) contribute to UNU-WIDER’s research-related activities.
(d) give seminars on their research findings.
(e) complete one or more research report(s).
(f) acknowledge UNU-WIDER’s support in their theses, reports, or papers whenever appropriate.
(g) provide research assistance amounting to 30% of their time (about 1.5 days per week), if required. This is subject to prior discussion with the responsible UNU-WIDER researcher(s).

The selected interns will
(a) receive supervision in the field of their research.
(b) have access to the research and computing facilities of UNU-WIDER.
(c) be provided with office space (most likely shared).
(d) be provided a travel grant, travel and accident insurance, and a stipend to cover living expenses in Helsinki during the period of their internship. Health insurance should be arranged privately by the candidates. The programme does not cover expenses related to dependants.

The application form can be downloaded from this website. If the form cannot be accessed applicants should provide the following information:
1. full name, date of birth, sex, citizenship, office address, phone, fax, and e-mail details;

2. present PhD status (institution where candidate has registered for PhD, name of supervisor, date of registration as a PhD candidate, title of thesis, present stage, and expected date of submission);

3. education and work experience (university education, languages, principal publications, employment record, scholarships/fellowships received for overseas study);

4. work proposal for internship (research proposal including research outcomes, reasons for seeking to come to UNU-WIDER, potential contribution(s) to UNU-WIDER’s research activities, period of internship sought for, a research timetable, and relevance/links to UNU-WIDER’s ongoing projects).

Applications, to be accompanied by a letter of reference from the supervisor(s), should be received at UNU-WIDER by the 30 September each year (applications will not be assessed until after the closing date) by regular mail at the following address:

PhD Internship Programme
Katajanokanlaituri 6 B
FIN-00160 Helsinki

Inquiries only (not applications) by e-mail may be made to intern programme or to the Programme Director Wim Naudé. UNU-WIDER will only clarify questions on the application procedure and application form.

We will NOT enter into exchanges regarding topics and how to prepare applications. Responses will be provided only to candidates who qualify for the programme.

Info source: http://www.wider.unu.edu/home/news/en_GB/30-09-2008-phd-scholar-closing_1/

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