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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TweetThis! 'wow' weblinks - This is How To Track eMails

WhoReadMe.com - in their own words:
Do you ever send an email to someone, but s/he never replies to you? Curious whether your email reached their mailbox, or your email is being ignored?. WhoReadMe is a FREE email tracking service that is able to keep track of the emails you sent, and notify you when they have been opened. It can report your recipient's physical location with map, their operating system and browser information, and tell you whether your email is being forwarded or read by original recipients themselves. WhoReadMe tracking techniques are invisible to your recipients. Your recipients will never know that you are tracking your email!

WhoReadMe features:
  1. FREE for life time!
  2. 5 emails credit per day.
  3. Send up to 30 recipients with CC, BCC supported.
  4. Support unlimited amount of attachments.
  5. Get notification when attachment is dowloaded.
  6. Enable email content expires after a period.
  7. Import your address book from Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.
  8. 5 email addresses to be added to send tracked mail. You no longer need to register multiple WhoReadMe accounts.
  9. HTML editor to write HTML email.
  10. Show accurate date and time when recipient open your email.
  11. Calculate duration between your email sent and being opened.
  12. Custom time format to be shown.
  13. Custom time zone to match your local time.
  14. Instant email notification to you when recipient open your email.
  15. Able to enable/disable notificaction after email sent.
  16. Track whether your email is being forwarded.
  17. Display recipient's real IP address although they are using proxy server.
  18. Display recipient location in world map.
  19. Get recipient's operating system.
  20. Get recipient's browser information.

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