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Monday, July 27, 2009

TweetThis! Very interesting topic about Tanzania started in this forum...

As usual, I have part of my life living in the internet which usually zoom to see what's happening whenever there is a mention of Tanzania and/or KiSwahili. Today, I came across this forum where they are discussing about Tanzania and her membership position in the EAC and SADC. The conversation is very interesting, almost engaging (not to mention how a conversation can swing from a point to another). These are SOME interesting comments that I read from this discussion forum (read below).

So what is the purpose of posting it here (if you may ask)?
Firstly, I wanted to reach to some blog readers to make them aware of the discussion.
Secondly, members of the forum have written in there that they would love to hear Tanzanian view on this.
Thirdly, I shared some replies to stimulate some of you, who would otherwise like to contribute, give opinions, clarify things and enlighten cross border forum members.

As I said, these are just some replies, the whole thing is in available via this link: http://tinyurl.com/TanzaniaInFocus

The question posed:
Where will Tanzania end up? EAC or SADC, She Currently belongs to both Blocks

SADC members will not flood Tanzania to grab their land.

TZ is less competitive than other EAC members, but they are self sufficient than them all combined.

Tanzanians problems is and always remains to be a feeling of inferiority and lack of aggresiveness. Now they want to hide under SADC where they are even more insignificant. TZ were immersed in the backward ideologies of socialism for too long and they are reaping the fruits now.Back in the years..Nyerere refused to buy milk products from Kenya...he ended up importing the same from Denmark.

You must agree with me that IF they are UNABLE to achieve much in a smalled playing field of EAC...they will achieve NOTHING is SADC which is a higher league with giants like SA. TZ will largely be a consumer state in SADC and that is why SA doesnt want it to join EAC

I really don't understand how people think that tanzanian are not as business minded. Have you seem howm many TZ license plates you run across in Nairobi. They run alot of business small scale but yet alot. Somali probably out number them now but in Nairobi Tanzanian run alot of shit. They may not have the large companies but when it comes to small business they control alot of them. That's the difference between Kenya and TZ. Kenyans don't even control small business were it really counts.

Off-topic: I wonder why we don't have any Tanzanian forumers here...

They use too much Swahili (i think.) They have to belong to one block when common currency.

Tanzanians forums are always in swahili...Never in English..so..in the same way as it is difficult reading swahili forums(Not that u dont understand..but you strain reading)...is the same way they have difficulties reading English forums..

That makes sense, I guess. It would be interesting to hear a Tanzanian opinion on this subject.

Yes it would be. I wihs Congo did the same by enforcing Swahili or Lingala as in TZ.

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