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Saturday, June 06, 2009

TweetThis! Why do we have two ears and one mouth?

...to be able to listen twice as much as we speak!
A train was filled with tired people. Most of them had spent the day traveling through the hot dusty plains and at last evening had come and they all tried to settle down to a sound sleep.
However, at one end of the car a man was holding a tiny baby and as night came on the baby became restless and cried more and more. Unable to take it any longer, a big man spoke for the rest of the group. "Why don't you take that baby to its mother?" There was a moment's pause and then came the reply. "I'm sorry. I'm doing' my best. The baby's mother is in her casket in the baggage car ahead." Again there was an awful silence for a moment. Then the big man who asked the cruel question was out of his seat and moved toward the man with the motherless child. He apologized for his impatience and unkind remark. He took the tiny baby in his own arms and told the tired father to get some sleep. Then in loving patience he cared for the little child all through the night.
Life lesson from Shalom Broz Production

2 feedback :

Anonymous said... Sun Jun 07, 07:49:00 AM MST  

The ears are aside of the head, but the mouth is infront onto the face. So we don't have to have two mouths.

Subi said... Sun Jun 07, 08:39:00 AM MST  

@ Anonymous Sun Jun 07, 07:49:00 AM MST ,
Try to think more outside the "Physio-Anatomy" box.

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