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Saturday, June 06, 2009

TweetThis! 19 sites for Best custom FREE Blogger/Blogspot templates [updated last : July 13, 2009]

Listed below are blog/websites where you can pick some great looking templates/skins for your blog. The number or position assigned before the blog/site name doesn't carry any significant value in this list but for mere purpose of easy reference.
  1. OurBloggerTemplates
  2. BTemplates
  3. Btheme.info
  4. eBlogTemplates
  5. FinalSense
  6. ThemeLib
  7. BloggerGodown
  8. FalconHive
  9. BloggerStyles
  10. BlogBulk
  11. Blogtemplate4u
  12. WPBbloggerThemes
  13. BloggerTricks
  14. MoneyZea
  15. BloggerStyles
  16. BlogCrowds
  17. ehsany.com
  18. Isnaini
  19. Psycho
If you wished for a list of WordPress themes, the AntsMagazine.com has published one with 100 Superb WordPress Themes.

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