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Monday, June 08, 2009

TweetThis! Resident Scholar -- School for Advanced Research

Resident Scholar -- School for Advanced Research -- Social and Natural Science
Application Deadline:November 1, 2009
Amount:up to $40,000; Room and board; office

Funding Abstract:
Program Description

The School for Advanced Research (SAR) awards approximately six Resident Scholar Fellowships each year to scholars who have completed their research and analysis and who need time to think and write about topics important to the understanding of humankind. Resident scholars may approach their research from anthropology or from related fields such as history, sociology, art, and philosophy. Both humanistically and scientifically oriented scholars are encouraged to apply.

SAR provides Resident Scholars with low-cost housing and office space on campus, a stipend up to $40,000, library assistance, and other benefits during a nine-month tenure, from September 1 through May 31. SAR Press may consider books written by resident scholars for publication in its Resident Scholar Series.

The Resident Scholar Program is supported by the Weatherhead Foundation, the Katrin H. Lamon Endowment for Native American Art and Education, the Anne Ray Charitable Trust, and SAR.

Four types of fellowships are available:

1) Weatherhead Fellowships. Two fellowships are available for either Ph.D. candidates or scholars with doctorates whose work is either humanistic or scientific in nature.

2) SAR Fellowships. Up to two fellowships are available for either Ph.D. candidates or scholars with doctorates whose work is either humanistic or scientific in nature.

3) Katrin H. Lamon Fellowship. One fellowship is available for a Native American scholar, either pre- or post-doctoral, working in either the humanities or the sciences.

4) Anne Ray Fellowship. One fellowship is available for an established Native American scholar, working in the humanities, arts, or the sciences, who has a commitment to providing mentorship to recent Native graduates or graduate students. In addition to working on their own research, the Anne Ray Resident Scholar serves as a mentor to two Native interns working at the Indian Arts Research Center. This fellowship is made possible through the generous support of the Anne Ray Charitable Trust. Click here(PDF file, 385KB) for more information.

In addition, SAR is interested in hosting exceptional scholars who have received funding through the following programs: Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships, Mellon/ACLS Recent Doctoral Recipients Fellowships, and Visiting Fulbright Scholar fellowships.Applicants to these non-SAR fellowship programs whose research is consistent with SAR’s mission may be able to join the School’s dynamic intellectual community for the duration of their fellowship. Interested scholars can contact SAR’s Resident Scholar Program for more information.

Contact e-mail:scholar@sarsf.org
Application Process and Required Materials:
See http://sarweb.org/scholars/application.htm for more on how to apply!

Fellowships are awarded competitively based on evaluations by a specially-convened panel of external reviewers who represent a broad spectrum of intellectual expertise. The composition of the panel changes each year.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of the overall excellence and significance of the proposed project, clarity of presentation, and the applicant's record of academic accomplishments relative to sub-discipline and career stage. The program supports scholars whose work is broad, synthetic, and interdisciplinary, and promises to yield significant advances in understanding human culture, behavior, evolution, or critical contemporary issues. Projects that are narrowly focused geographically and theoretically or that are primarily methodological seldom receive strong consideration. Each year the program supports a mix of scholars with scientific and humanistic orientations.

Preference is given to applicants whose fieldwork or basic research and analysis are complete and who need time to write manuscripts. The fellowships are not intended as immediate postdoctoral positions, and dissertation rewrites are not encouraged.

Topics addressed by recent resident scholars:
One People, Many Voices: Latino Languages and Identities
Peasants and Pestilence: Connections Between Past and Present Nutrition and Health
California Frontiers: The Ethnogenesis of a Pluralistic State
The Mirror of Jihad: Political Authority in Afghanistan, 1978-98
To Feed and Be Fed: Legitimacy and Cosmology in the Andes
Asante Queenmothers: Performance and Custom in Contemporary Ghana
weblinks: http://sarweb.org/scholars/description.htm

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