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Monday, June 08, 2009

TweetThis! China tightens web limits, from July 1st computers to have pre installed "security software"

China already has the most sophisticated Great Firewall which blocks access to a range of content such as Blogs hosted on WordPress and Blogger and any other contents with 'sensitive political content' such as sites promoting Tibetan independence; the spiritual group Falun Gong; and some foreign media. But that system blocks content at the network level, and many users circumvent it through tools like proxy servers and RSS readers (click to read more about RSS).

But, it's getting tought in that, all computers that will be sold in China from July 1st 2009 will be required to have a software named "Green Dam-Youth Escort" that will block access to certain websites in a move to prevent people from accessing 'harmful' content and access to pornograpy. A tough decision for PC manufactures will be to choose between 'abiding and working with the governmnent' or 'refusing to abide by the government rules and regulation' in which case they surely will have a zero business in the country.
  • The Green Dam software must either be preinstalled on the hard drive or enclosed on a compact disc.
  • The government has paid for the rights for all Chinese PC users to use the software for a year.
  • PC producers will be required to report to the government how many PCs they have shipped with the software.
The government is aimed at "constructing a green, healthy, and harmonious internet environment, and preventing harmful information on the internet from influencing and poisoning young people".
This software is designed to work just like an anti-virus or firewall by blocking un-wanted websites such as those in WordPress and Blogger and any other the Chinese government will render 'un-fit' for public use. The software will work like softwares that usully are used for 'parental control' at home and will utelize the normal 'update' system for a new list of 'blocked' sites.

The software was developed by Jinhui Computer System Engineering, with input from Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy. Both companies have ties to China's military and its security ministry

Read more about this move at: http://www.google.com/search

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