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Monday, June 15, 2009

TweetThis! PAP President, Gertrude Mongella resigns

MwanaHalisi, a local Tanzania KiSwahili newspaper, has news reporting that the Pan African Parliament (PAP) president Getrude Mongella, (65) has resigned the position following accusations of financial mismanagement and ‘lack of confidence’ from the members of the said parliament.

The new PAP president is Dr. Idriss Ndele Moussa of Chad since May 28, 2009.

MwanaHalisi reports that the Government of Tanzania has agreed to pay all the debt amounting to USD $138,000 that the former President owe to the PAP.
Katika hatua ambayo haikutarajiwa, inaelezwa kuwa serikali ya Tanzania imekubali kubeba mzigo wa kulipa fedha zote ambazo Mongella alituhumiwa kuzitumia vibaya. Taarifa zinasema awali, hata baada ya serikali ya Tanzania kuchukua mzigo huo, Mongella alishauriwa ajiuzulu ili kulinda heshima ya Tanzania, lakini aligoma kufanya hivyo. “Kuna madai pia kwamba aling’ang’ania kubaki katika nyumba ya Bunge na alipolazimishwa kuondoka akaamua kuhama na fenicha zote za ndani akidai ni zake, jambo ambalo si la kweli,” alisema mbunge mmoja wa Bunge la Afrika kutoka Tanzania ambaye hakupenda kutajwa jina. Kuhusu wizi, Mongella anatuhumiwa kutafuna dola za Kimarekani 138,000 sawa na Sh. 180 milioni za Tanzania, mali ya PAP.

Ealier in May, SABC News reported that, 'several members of the parliament had made a call to have elections for new leadership, at the sitting in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa . The parliament's president Gertrude Mongella then held a meeting in chambers with two of her Vice Presidents. She later called for the parliament's afternoon session to be closed to the media. These events caused the parliament to deviate from its original agenda for the day which was to have focused on the review of the protocol establishing the Pan African Parliament'.

“Just tender your resignation Madam President so that we can elect a new bureau to regain the confidence that the African Union has lost in us”, Hon. Gitobu Imanyara from Kenya.

“Our relationship is not good at all taking into consideration the decision of the African Union. They have lost confidence in us as one of their organs and as a result I would like you Madam President and the entire bureau to resign immediately,” Hon. George Wesseh Blamoh from Liberia.

“The decision of the African Union is a clear and urgent indication that we should renew our bureau as soon as possible but the fundamental question is how do we go about this. What we need to do is to look at ways of setting up a new bureau”, Hon. Bocar S. Kane from Senegal.

“The summit was compelled to take this direction because of certain misconduct and we should not even wait for them to tell us to hold elections or renew our bureau when it is in our protocol to be able to do so. It means that there is a problem and as such the bureau should endeavour to tender its resignation with urgency”, Hon. Kaweesi Ndawula from Uganda.

“It was really bad enough to be told by the African Union that we need term limits in our bureau. This should be taken as a matter of priority. By show of respect to our leaders, we need to answer to their call and take it as a matter of urgency and elect a new bureau because they have lost confidence in the current one”, Hon. Mary Mugyeni from Uganda.

3 feedback :

mija said... Mon Jun 15, 03:11:00 PM MST  

Nukta77 asante kwa habari hii nilikuwa sijaipata, ngoja niifuatilie zaidi halau nitarudi tujadili. Asante.

Ben Mdau wa NC said... Wed Jun 17, 11:17:00 PM MST  

At least the Bureau has confidence among themselves;
to sit down and look at their daily duties and balance the Work they do on behalf of their respectable people of the Countries they represent!
Now, that being said, If all the members of parliaments of individual countries would have approach the work with such high respect and responsibility for themselves on behalf of the people they represent, Africa would have been, or would be a much better Continent, and countries respectively!!!

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