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Thursday, June 11, 2009

TweetThis! Funding Opportunity for a Cooperative Agreement - National Council on Disability, USA

National Council on Disability
The Accessibility of U.S. - funded Overseas Facilities and Programs
Overview Information
Notice of Funding Opportunity
May 13, 2009 – Announcement of Funding Opportunity for a Cooperative Agreement

Authority: Section 401, Title IV of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

Application materials are available at: http://www.ncd.gov/resources_researchopps.htm

You may also request application materials by writing to:
Joan Durocher
Senior Attorney/Advisor
National Council on Disability
1331 F Street, NW Suite 850
Washington, DC 20004 or by e-mail request: jdurocher@ncd.gov

Full Proposal Deadline(s) (due by 5:00 p.m. local time): July 1, 2009

Late applications will not be considered.
Deliver all materials to:

National Council on Disability
1331 F Street, NW Suite 850
Washington, DC 20004

ATTN: Joan Durocher

Maximum amount available for this project: $100,000.00

All potential applicants are eligible to apply

Cost sharing is not required

The estimated period of performance is August 20, 2009 to August 20, 2010 (12 months).

Project Summary

NCD is interested in examining and understanding the responsibilities of U.S. - funded overseas facilities and programs, both public and private. NCD is seeking applicants to research and develop an NCD report with the following three components: 1) An analysis/examination of international law, to determine how US-funded international development organizations will be required to comply with Article 32 of the Convention in those countries which have ratified the CRPD; and 2) an empirical follow-up to NCD’s 2003 report on how USAID is implementing its own disability policy overseas and its impact thus far, along with its compliance with Sections 501, 503, and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in its overseas operations. The report should review whether these protections against discrimination are being implemented by government employees and contractors working abroad, and will examine whether U.S.-funded programs are being operated in a manner that is accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities; and 3) evaluate progress on NCD’s recommendations regarding the accessibility of US embassies and missions, as well as Department of Defense (DoD) funded programs and facilities.

This report would examine the accessibility of:
  • New investments in physical infrastructure, including US military construction programs and re-building of post-conflict societies
  • Disaster Relief
  • Economic development
  • The accessibility of programs in democracy and governance
  • Cultural exchanges
  • US embassies and missions

These areas should be examined in the context of U.S.-based international development organizations in both the public and private sectors; USAID’s overseas developmentprograms; the State Department, including U.S. embassies and missions; as well as Department of Defense (DoD) funded construction programs and facilities.

Agency Contact:
Joan Durocher, Senior Attorney/Advisor, National Council on Disability, 1331 F Street, NW, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20004, telephone (202) 272-2117, e-mail:jdurocher@ncd.gov

Award Information

Anticipated Type of Award: Cooperative Agreement

Estimated Number of Awards: 1

Anticipated Funding Amount: $100,000

Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

Proposals must be submitted by the following date(s): Full Proposal Deadline(s) (due by 5 p.m. submitter's local time): July 1, 2009

Application documents available through this link:http://www.ncd.gov/resources_researchopps.htm

Info source at: http://www.ncd.gov/research_opportunity/International2009RFP.doc

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