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Sunday, June 28, 2009

TweetThis! Chinese Subgroup & Phonology: PhD Student, University of Kansas, USA

Institution/Organization: University of Kansas Department: Linguistics
Web Address: http://www.linguistics.ku.edu/

Level: PhD
Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: Phonetics; Phonology
Chinese Subgroup

Research Assistantship in Tonal Phonology of Chinese

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Kansas invites applications for a MA/PhD level Research Assistant beginning August 2009 on the tonalmphonology of Chinese.

The patterns of tone sandhi in Chinese dialects can be extremely intricate, and many mysteries remain unsolved as to how speakers internalize these patterns. The RA will participate in a project funded by the US National Science Foundation that investigates the productivity of tone sandhi patterns in various Chinese dialects using the wug test paradigm. The goals are to understand thefactors that influence the productivity of sandhi patterns--articulatoryconstraints, perceptual distinctiveness, lexical frequencies, and phonological
opacity of the patterns are some potential candidates--and to formally model these factors in phonological grammar. The RA is expected to fully participatein all aspects of the project, including literature review, experimental design, data collection and analyses, and presentation of the results at conferences and
in manuscripts.

The RA position is contingent upon being admitted to the MA or PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Kansas. The position provides a monthly stipend of $1,440 including the summer and full waiver of tuition and fees for two  years. There will also be opportunities for other teaching and research assistantships and fellowships for the remaining years of the successful applicant's graduate studies.

The applicant should have a strong background in phonology, phonetics, and native or near-native abilities in one or more Chinese dialects. Familiaritywith Wu dialects of Chinese such as Shanghai is particularly welcome.

Interested parties should email Dr. Jie Zhang by May 20, 2009 for detailed information on how to apply for the position and for graduate studies in Linguistics at KU. Please summarize your relevant experience and research interests in your initial email.

Application Deadline: 01-Oct-2009

Mailing Address for Applications:
Attn: Dr. Jie Zhang
Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas
1541 Lilac Lane, Blake Hall, Rm. 427
Lawrence KS 66044

Contact Information:  Dr. Jie Zhang

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