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Saturday, June 27, 2009

TweetThis! Avoid malicious sites. Check the validity of a shortened link via Untiny

A number of times, we have received emails with shortened URLs which directs us to another page in order to read the rest of the story. The question that most of us ask ourselves is, 'what if this link is not real?' Just a day a go I published a  post about malicious websites that are using short urls to direct people to read a story about Michaele Jackson's last moment in the hospital, and it turned out that, some of these sites were fake and pose threats that could compromise computers. Well, that can be a thing of the past becase, Untiny (beta) have come up with a solution where one can paste their 'suspicious' shortened link in order to see the exact destination. Example: Try http://tiny.pl/htk which is a tiny URL for http://www.google.com

So, the next time you want to check a the validity of a link, go to http://www.untiny.me and check what it is pointing you to.

Unfortunately, untiny is not a proxy breaker, which means, if the original URL is blocked in your country, untiny can not unblock to reveal the final destination.

Another tip. Another save. Happy surfing!

Currently, Untiny supports 108 tiny services which are listed here:
2pl.us, 2tu.us, Idek.net, abe5.com, alturl.com, b23.ru, bit.ly,bkite.com, budurl.com, chilp.it, clck.ru, cli.gs, doiop.com, dolop.com,easyurl.net, elfurl.com, ewerl.com, ff.im, fhurl.com, flq.us, fly2.ws,gurl.es, hellotxt.com, hex.io, htxt.it, hugeurl.com, hugeurl.com,icanhaz.com, is.gd, jijr.com, kissa.be, kl.am, l9k.net, ln-s.net, loopt.us,lt.tl, lurl.no, minilien.com, moourl.com, netnet.me, nn.nf, o-x.fr,omf.gd, parv.us, ping.fm, piurl.com, plurl.me, pnt.me, poprl.com,post.ly, ptiturl.com, rb6.me, redirx.com, ri.ms, rickroll.it, rubyurl.com,s3nt.com, s7y.us, shoturl.us, shrinkify.com, shrinkurl.us, shw.me,sn.im, snipr.com, snipurl.com, snurl.com, sp2.ro, srnk.net, srnk.net,starturl.com, tighturl.com, tiny.pl, tinyarro.ws, tinyurl.com, to.ly,togoto.us, tr.im, trcb.me, tubeurl.com, twurl.nl, u.mavrev.com, u.nu,ub0.cc, updating.me, ur1.ca, url.co.uk, url.ie, url4.eu, urlborg.com,urlbrief.com, urlcut.com, urlcut.com, urlhawk.com, urlkiss.com,urlpire.com, urlvi.be, urlx.ie, wapurl.co.uk, wipi.es, x.se, xrl.in, xrl.us,xurl.jp, xzb.cc, yatuc.com, yep.it, yfrog.com, zi.pe

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