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Friday, June 26, 2009

TweetThis! Beware of fake and malicious 'Michael Jackson' story links

It looks like the spam, junk and malicious internet industry celebrate with every big news (happy or sad) by releasing numerous links that direct people to sites that could harm their computers.
Just recently, there are links being sent over social network sites such as twitter.com and facebook.com and even as email messages. The malicious links are hidden under the URL shortening service sites such as tinyurl or shorturl etc. The most recent malicious links are suggesting you read more about Michael Jackson's last moment in the hospital before his death. Others go as far as encouraging people to 'download torrents containing Michael Jackson's 100 unreleased songs/albums'. That's a hoax. It came out on April fool's day.

The best advice for you:
  1. Dot click on any link from people you don't know.
  2. Treat junk and spam emails as junk and spam.
  3. Do not be tempted to open a link just because the heading/subject attracts you to read more.
  4. If you have doubts about a link, you probably are right, trust your instincts and prevent the urge to 'read more' on something that won't harm if left unread.
  5. If a suspicious link comes from a friend, send them an email to double check, it doesn't cost much asking for a proof but could cost you a computer if you are careless.

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