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Saturday, May 09, 2009

TweetThis! Senior Investigation Specialist - UNHCR

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Refugee Organisation
Closing date: 29 May 2009
Location: Switzerland - Geneva

Position No: 10001228
Position Title: Senior Investigation Specialist
Position Grade: P4
Position Location: Geneva, HQ’s – Investigation Section, Inspector General’s Office 
Supervisor Position No., Title & Grade: 10001219, Chief of Section (Investigation), P5
CCOG Code (1): 1.P.
Job Code (1): 001302
Job Profile (1): 00001302
Job Function (1): CNR

(1) To be completed by PCU 



Define the role of the position within the team, describing its leadership role, if any, its external/internal work relationships or contacts, the contextual environment in which it operates and the scope of supervision received, and where applicable, exercised by the incumbent. 

The Senior Investigation Specialist is part of the Investigation Section of the Inspector General’s Office. 

The ultimate aim of the IGO is to support the effective, efficient and accountable management of UNHCR operations and to play a positive role in upholding an environment of integrity in UNHCR by contributing to the maintenance of the highest standards of personal and professional conduct by UNHCR personnel. 

The Investigation Section, working under the authority of the Inspector General, has responsibility for carrying out investigations into possible misconduct within UNHCR in a timely and appropriate manner and ensuring that findings are transmitted to the Inspector General. 

All Senior Investigation Specialist posts report to the Chief of the Investigation Section. Each officer works independently on investigation cases assigned to him or her by the Chief of Section. Senior Investigation Specialist has extensive contacts with all levels of staff within UNHCR, as well as with staff from other organisations, governments, NGOs and with UNHCR beneficiaries. 


Focusing on the deliverables and the achievements expected from the job, describe the functions to be performed by the incumbent of the position. Describe also the engagement and the degree of relationships with clients/partners, and the impact of actions.

The Senior Investigation Specialist is assigned cases involving a wide range of UNHCR activities. The incumbent of the post must be able to operate to the highest standards of impartiality and integrity as investigation cases may lead to the imposition of disciplinary measures by the Division of Human Resourses Management (DHRM) on individual staff members. The incumbent will need to have a proven experience in carrying out investigations at a professional level, with knowledge of IT and other forensics an advantage.

Specifically, he/she will:

- Provide advice and guidance on how to report misconduct 
- Assess initial reports of possible misconduct 
- Screen audit, evaluation and inspection reports and other sources of information to identify recurring problem areas, and/or areas for potential investigation
- Carry out investigation of the cases assigned, in a timely and effective manner and in accordance with the Investigation Guidelines and UN/UNHCR policies, undertaking field missions when required. This may involve interaction at all levels with external actors (other UN agencies/embassies/missions/implementing partners etc) as well as UNHCR staff and UNVs. 
- Ensure accuracy of evidence gathered and impartiality in conclusions reached 
- Coordinate due process compliance for investigations
- Prepare investigation reports 
- Prepare management implication reports on procedural or organisational problems encountered during an investigation
- Train and coach Investigation Section and other UNHCR staff in carrying out professional investigations/forensics.
- Design and monitor quality standards and procedures for all steps in the investigation process
- Participate as required in ad hoc inquiries
- Participate in working groups on matters of interest to the IGO as a whole and to the Investigation Section in particular
- May be assigned to act as Focal Point within the IGO/Investigation Section on specific areas
- May be assigned to represent the IGO/Investigation Section in Inter-Agency or external fora
- Perform any other tasks in the interest of UNHCR as requested by the Chief of the Investigation Section or the Inspector General


which illustrate behaviours that are essential to achieving deliverables described above, and that are critical to successful performance. All jobs require the staff to abide to the Values and Core competencies of UNHCR. Where applicable, select a maximum of six Managerial and three Cross-Functional Competencies. Up to a maximum of six Functional Competencies can be selected. 

Code Managerial Competencies 
M001 Empowering and Building Trust
M002 Managing Performance
M003 Judgement and Decision Making
M004 Strategic Planning and Vision
M005 Leadership
M006 Managing Resources

Code Functional Competencies
MA02 Facilitating Organisational Change through Others
IE01 Adapting and Applying Methologies 
IE02 Identifying the Need for an Inspection/Evaluation
IE03 Data Collection and Analysis 
IE04 Providing Insopection/Evaluation Reports &/or Recommendations 

Code Cross-Functional Competencies
X001 Analytical Thinking
X002 Innovation and Creativity
X003 Technological Awareness
X004 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
X005 Planning and Organizing
X006 Policy Development and Research
X007 Political Awareness
X008 Stakeholder Management
X009 Change Capability and Adaptability


Define the educational background, the relevant job experience and the language(s) that are essential to perform the work of the position.

- Advanced university degree in Law, Criminology, Public Administration or related subject bearing on the conduct of investigations in administrative law contexts.
- Formal professional qualification in investigation work.
- Working knowledge of UN administrative disciplinary rules and regulations.
- Minimum 10 years of progressively responsible experience in the field of investigations, of which at least 7 years in an international environment and 5 years within the UN/UNHCR. 
- Familiarity with IT and other forensic procedures.
- Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, including the preparation of clear and concise reports.
- Ability to work effectively in English essential and French desirable; ability to work effectively in both languages would be an asset.
- Honesty and integrity in the highest degree
- Resourcefulness, initiative, maturity and judgment


Describe any experience or knowledge that would be an asset, such as: UNHCR Learning Programmes, other training, additional languages, Field/HQs experience, etc.
- Familiarity with UN justice system
- Ability in other UN official languages an advantage

With the aim to achieve a gender-balanced workforce, UNHCR strongly encourages qualified women to apply.
How to apply
A full curriculum vitae, including nationality and references, should be sent to: UNHCR, Vacancy Management Unit (quoting ref. 10001228), case postale 2500, 1211 Geneva 2 Dépôt, Switzerland, or by fax (+41 22) 739 7322, or preferably, by e-mail: hqpe14@unhcr.org

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