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Sunday, May 10, 2009

TweetThis! Corruption Perception Survey (CPS) Report - Tanzania

9th May 2009

A two-day national stakeholders’ workshop organized by the Concern for Development Initiative in Africa (ForDIA) ended in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Friday 8th May 2009, with two landmark scores:

1. Transparency International Tanzania Chapter.
The stakeholders formally declared establishment of a Transparency International (TI) Chapter in Tanzania. It will go by the name of TanzaniaTransparency Forum (TRAFO). Although there have been activities relating to TI, the chapter had not been formally given legal status through registration and had no institutional structure.

The chapter is expected to be formally registered and operative within the next six months.

To this effect, stakeholders elected a nine-man steering committee charged with formalization of registration. At its first meeting immediately after it was formed, the committee elected Professor Mwesiga Baregu of the University of Dar es Salaam as its chairperson, Nape Nnauye of Tanzania Democracy Centre (TCD) as vice chair and Bubelwa Kaiza as its secretary general. Mr. Kaiza is the Executive Director of ForDIA, the organization appointed by stakeholders to host the committee.

The institutional members of the committee are the Arusha NGO Network (ANGONET), Kigoma and Kasulu NGO Network (KIKANGONET), Legal and Human Right Centre (LHRC), National Organisation for Legal Assistance (NOLA), Federation of Disabilities Organisations in Tanzania (SHIVYAWATA), Tanzania Association of NGOs (TANGO) and Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD). Professor Mwesiga Baregu and Romuald Rwechungura are individual members while ForDIA is the secretariat.

The workshop was funded by the Embassy of Finland in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2. Corruption Perception Survey (CPS) Report
Stakeholders received and discussed the Corruption Perception Survey (CPS) Report. ForDIA undertook the CPS during 2008. It covers 35 districts on Tanzania mainland and offers glaring figures on which Local Governments Authorities (LGAs) have highest and lowest rankings of corruption perception.

(i) LGAs with lowest rankings of corruption perception: Tandahimba (95 per cent), Mtwara Rural (89.55), Ulanga (87.5), Nachingwea (85.2), Liwale (84.9), Shinyanga Urban( 84.4), Mbinga (83.3) na Ruangwa (77.05).
Others well above 50 percent are Tunduru (76.6), Mbeya Rural (75), Rungwe (73.3), Kilosa (66.65), Morogoro Mjini (61.4), Kilwa (60.4.), Kyela (58.35) na Lindo Mjini ( 50.35).

(ii) LGAs with highest rankings of corruption perception: Mbozi (93.75), Muleba (93.5), Bukoba Rural (87.85), Bariadi (80), Misenye (78), na Newala (70.85), Kishapu (70.1), Meatu (68.35), Mtwara Urban (65.2), Bukoba Urban (64.6).
Others on the highest list of corruption perception well beyond 50 percent are Kahama (63.8), Mbeya Urban (62.5), Namtumbo (61.05), Bukombe (60.4), Mbarali (60.15), Ileje 59.65), Lindi Rural (56), Mvomero (55), na Chunya (52.1).

The Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Dk. Edward G. Hosea launched the CPS Report. In his brief speech, Dr. Hosea congratulated ForDIA for “accomplishing this well-done, important and demanding job.”

He said the report added up to the existing empirical data about corruption in Tanzania and that it offered policy makers with evidence to rely on.

He challenged policy makers, civil society organizations, academicians, development professionals, researchers and ordinary people to read, discuss and offer critical views on the contents of CPS report findings.

The 135 pages report is already posted onto the ForDIA website (www.fordia.org) and is also available in hard copy at ForDIA offices in Dar es Salaam.

CPS is funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), a grant making organisation in Tanzania.

Bubelwa Kaiza
Executive Director
Executive Director
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Secretariat of the Great Lakes Peace and Security Network (PeSeNet)
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Website: www.fordia.org


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