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Saturday, May 16, 2009

TweetThis! Postgraduate Research Opportunites - Tyndall National Institute, Ireland.

Tyndall currently offers postgraduate research opportunites in the following areas

Job TitleDepartment
(Ref. No. DC - 01G) PhD: Optical Signal Processing using Semiconductor DevicesPSG
(Ref. No. KR - 05) PhD: Nano-Composite Materials for SiC MetallizationMAI
(Ref. No. BOF - 13) PhD: Localisation Technologies for Wireless Sensor Network Systems (NEMBES)MAI
(Ref. No. AM - 02) PhD: APD's and CircuitsIPG
(Ref. No. POB - 02) PhD: Advanced Photonic PackagingIPG
(Ref. No. FP - 05) PhD: High Speed Photonic Device IntegrationIPG
(Ref. No. JG - 12) PhD: Simulation of Electron Transport at Carbon/Metal InterfacesETG
(Ref. No. JG - 08) Research Studentship in Simulation of Molecular NanowiresETG
(Ref. No. JG - 13) M.Sc: Calculation of Lifetimes of Electronic Excited States in MoleculesETG
(Ref. No. MP - 07 1.1.1) PhD: In-situ Spectroscopic Reaction Monitoring and Modelling Studies of Atomic Layer Deposition ProcessesAMSG

Source: http://www.tyndall.ie/careers/postgraduate.html

For further information on Tyndall National Institute or more details on these exciting opportunities ...You can telephone us at +353-21-4904322.
All enquiries and applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Please quote the job reference number when forwarding a detailed curriculum vitae to:HR DepartmentTyndall National Institute, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork, Ireland.

Tel: +353-21-4904322, Fax: +353-21-4904454, email: careers

All applications should be submitted electronically.
Please ensure that your document is checked for viruses.
All infected mail is declined.

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