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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TweetThis! Kuuliza si ujinga!

Wahenga hawakukosea pale waliposema, 'aulizaye analo ajifunzalo' na 'kuuliza si ujinga'.
Mojawapo ya kwa nini mtu atake kujua sababu ya matibabu aliyopangiwa ni ili kuepusha hili lililotendeka hapa (habari ipo hapo chini).
Mara nyingi, hasa ikiwa mgonjwa hafahamiani na mtoa huduma (hata wangefahamiana, ipo hali ya kusahau) ni vyema maswali ya mgonjwa yakapewa majibu sahihi ili kuepusha matatizo yasiyo ya lazima.

N.L. health board apologizes after woman given chemotherapy by mistake
Provided by: The Canadian Press
Written by: Tara Brautigam, THE CANADIAN PRESS
May. 4, 2009
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Newfoundland and Labrador's largest health board apologized Monday after a nurse mistakenly gave chemotherapy to a woman during scheduled treatment for a skin disease.
Nancy Mojica-Fisher went to the Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville last Thursday for her fourth infusion of Remicade, a drug used for her psoriasis.
An hour after she left the hospital, she felt queasiness and burning sensations in her stomach and chest, Mojica-Fisher said.
A couple of hours later, the hospital's head nurse notified her that she had been given chemotherapy by accident.
"Shocked - that was my feeling," Mojica-Fisher said Monday in an interview, hours before she was to be admitted to the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's for a further check-up.
"I was just crying and they said it's because of human error."
Mojica-Fisher, who is a minister at the Heritage United Church in Musgravetown, said she feels tired and nauseous - the side-effects she believes came from the mistaken chemotherapy treatment.
"It's unreal. It's unacceptable," she said.
Pat Coish-Snow, a chief operating officer with Eastern Health, confirmed that Mojica-Fisher was given chemotherapy by mistake and said the health board has launched an investigation into the incident.
"I have not had an incident of a medication error as serious as this one before, so it's a very rare circumstance," said Coish-Snow, a health care administrator with 25 years experience.
"We apologize. We're sincerely sorry (that) something like this happened. It's not something that you wish would happen to any patient."
Coish-Snow said a nurse was caring for two patients, including Mojica-Fisher, at the time of the error.
"A nurse made a mistake on that day. Why she made that mistake is why we need to investigate further," she said.
"I would have to say, in my initial review of this incident, workload would not have been the factor to cause this to happen."
The side-effects of chemotherapy range widely and include hair loss, muscle pain and heart problems, depending on the type of chemotherapy given.
"The side-effects are numerous ... there are certainly, certainly significant side-effects from taking a chemotherapy drug," Coish-Snow said.
"It is a very toxic drug."
The error is the latest black eye against Eastern Health in recent months, as the health board struggles to rebuild public confidence in the province's health care system.
In April, Eastern Health announced that treatment test results from 38 breast cancer patients needed to be reviewed to determine whether they were accurate, weeks after the conclusion of a judicial inquiry into botched breast cancer tests.
That inquiry found that a litany of problems led to at least 386 patients receiving the wrong results on tests intended to determine an appropriate course of treatment for their breast cancer.
At least 108 patients whose tests were misread have died. But it will likely never be known how many of them, if any, died as a result of missing out on potentially life-saving treatment.
A failure of accountability and oversight "at all levels" within the province's health-care system led to the mistakes, Justice Margaret Cameron wrote in her inquiry report - Breitbart 

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