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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TweetThis! The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant

The James Beard Foundation offers the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant to enable
qualified professional cooks and chefs to work with producers of food products at their source. The amount
of the grant will be based on the time and expenses needed to complete a specific training plan. Covered
expenses include travel to and from the internship location and income subsidies and living expenses
during the internship.

Note: This grant is for professional working chefs only. Students planning to use a scholarship at a culinary
school may apply for the Jean-Louis Palladin Memorial Scholarship.
Applicants for the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant may select from one of the following
internships or submit an original study plan, including curriculum details. Although the individuals or
organizations listed have agreed to host Jean-Louis Palladin interns, applicants are encouraged to outline
their own work/study plan and explore all possible options. Arranged internships must be taken at times
mutually agreed upon by the applicant and suppliers. All internships must be taken within one year after
they are awarded.

1. John and Sukey Jamison Internship: 4 to 6 weeks working with renowned lamb farmers in
2. The Culinary Vegetable Institute/Chefs Garden Internship: 2 to 4 weeks working the earth in Huron,
3. The Rod and Cynde Mitchell Internship: 10 to 12 days working with dayboat fishermen and scallop
divers off the coast of Maine.
4. The Bobby Kacher Internship: 10 days to 2 weeks in France studying with winemakers.

Applicants must:
• Be age 21 or older
• Have at least three (3) years of experience as a cook or chef in a professional kitchen

Applicants are required to submit by the postmark deadline date of June 15, 2009:
• The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant application
• An essay explaining why the applicant desires to expand his/her education through this grant
• Three (3) letters of recommendation from food professionals, including name, company, position and
relationship to the applicant
• Study Plan (only if not applying for one of the internships listed above)

Recipients must:
• Submit a summary of their experience
Click the link to download application form for submission: http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/jamesbeard/JLP_app.pdf

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