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Friday, May 15, 2009

TweetThis! How to delete spam or unwanted comment from blogger/blogspot

A number of times you might have received spam comments in your blog.
Some bloggers can delete those comments via the small trach icon that usually apear next to the commenter.
For some reason, blogger may fail to show the trash/detele icon even when the blog owner is logged in. When in this kind of a situation, you don't have to panic, thre are two solutions.

Using Lvchen's comment delete link.

In your broser's address bar, type in this link:
When the page is finished loading, type your blog address.
You will see all the comments with the trash icon next to every comment.
Click on the trash/delete icon to delete the individual comment you don't want seen on your blog.


This is your reference link:

Get your blog ID number.
The numbers can be seen when you login to blogger
Click create post
Look at the address bar on your browser
The numbers are seen after these words:
For the comment that you want to delete,
  • Click on the "date" link below the specific comment that you want to delete:

  • Look at your address bar on your browser, and soon after these characters, html#comment- , you should see another set of numbers, eg.
  • http://nukta77.blogspot.com/2008/11/hotuba-nyerere.html#comment-2451670399079509441
  • Copy them.
  • Substitute the words (in red ink in the link above) with numbers you have.
  • Click 'Go' (browser) or 'Enter' (keyboard).
These hacks were learned from LVCHEN and Divya Sai (also images) after loosing my 'delete' or 'trash' icon.

Happy deleting.

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