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Saturday, May 30, 2009

TweetThis! Help! TeknoHaMa and Tanzania, can you answer some of these questions?

A relative of mine sent me an email asking a multitude of questions, I tried to answer like 4 of them and then I gave up.
I needed some stats to back up almost everything he asked.
My apology for any repetition on some of the questions, I tried the best I could to trim them down.
Now, this is what he is looking for:
  1. What language do people in Tanzania mostly use?
  2. Do people use the internet cafe much more nowadays or is everyone not really on the internet?
  3. What do you think that everyone trying to do on the internet?
  4. Are they doing social networking Myspace? Facebook? Youtube? or creating websites?
  5. Are people usually looking for jobs on the internet?
  6. What do people do on a typical day? like college students, city folks, people with internet at home? I mean, what is their daily activity for the most?
  7. Do people listen to the news, or look for jobs? look for music online, videos?
  8. What sites are popular out there?
  9. What kind of online activity is important out there?
  10. Other than on the internet, what do people do in their regular life that uses technology?
  11. How much technology is there in Tanzania? cell-phones, laptops, pcs...
Please let me know...its for my project at school for my MASS MEDIA communication class. We are at the end of class, doing this global awareness and if I could present people with something from our Country, that would be GREAT! I want to show people in my class that our country is not just "huts" and people hunting for animals and elephants walking around. I want to tell them what exactly we do and that we are using technology and its becoming popular and that more and more people are doing it online..
Thank you very much for your time!

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