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Saturday, May 30, 2009

TweetThis! Advice needed: Looking for a country/colleges for Internship

Please help the fella with the following message:
I am running MBBS (Bachelors in Surgery and Bachelor in Medicine) in China at Xi'an jiaotong University Medical School being in 4th year.

As I have only one year more I am preparing for my internship in any country outside China for the duration of at least 6 months.

I've been passing through your blog and indeed its very amazing and very helpful, by considering that i decided to write to you like my sister or my country mate so that u can/may help/assist me by any ways or advice.

As a medical student, which country or colleges may it be better, and which conditions however should be needed for qualification.

Any advice and comments are welcome and will be appreciated.

Thanx .

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