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Monday, May 25, 2009

TweetThis! Bangor University Scholarship - The College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences invites applications for 4 of the Anniversary Studentships and one of the 125 Anniversary bursaries. We welcome applications from Home/EU and International students.

Research Areas
We would expect three of the awards to go in the following areas:

School of Biological Sciences
One studentship to work with Prof David Shepherd on one of the following
  • The assembly of neural circuits in Drosophila (also with Dr T. Bossing) [NS125/DS1]
  • Modelling human diseases in Drosophila (also with Dr T. Caspari) [NS125/DS2]
  • The evolutionary parallels in development of neuronal systems in insects and crustacean (also with Professor S. Webster) [NS125/DS3]
School of Environment and Natural Resources
One studentship to work with Prof Tom DeLuca on one of the following:
  • Nitrogen cycling and forest ecosystems (also with Profs D.Jones & D.Godbold) [NS125/DT1]
  • The influence of climate change on forest biodiversity and ecosystems (also with Profs D.Jones & D.Godbold) [NS125/TD2]
School of Ocean Sciences
One studentship to work with Dr Luis Giminez & Dr Stuart Jenkins on one of the following:
The influence of climate change on larval phenology and recruitment success [NS125/LJ1]

Hydrographic influences on settlement and recruitment success (also with Dr S.Neill) [NS125/LJ2]

We expect a fourth award to be made in one of these areas:
1) Sustainable Production and Development
a) Tropical Crop Production and Food Security
b) Animal Health and Welfare
c) Carbon in Forest Ecosystems

2) Climate Change and the Oceans
a) Dynamical Oceanography and Climate Change
b) Responses of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World
c) Sustainable Management of Marine Resources

3) Comparative and Evolutionary Biology
a) Conservation and Fisheries Genetics
b) Animal Behavior and Evolution
c) Comparative Physiology

Scholarship Information

Each holder of a PhD studentship receives an annual maintenance grant of £12,500 (for 2009/10) and an annual research allowance of up to £1,500 (for approved expenditure) with the core grant rising by £500 p.a. Studentship holders do not pay fees. No additional allowances are payable. Successful studentship applicants will be expected to supply around 100 hours per year of teaching/Research Assistance focused on a superviser / research team as part of their development as an academic of the future.


Each PhD bursary provides an annual allowance of £5,000 and an annual research allowance of up to £1,500 (for approved expenditure). Fees are payable. Applicants are not expected to teach or act as Research Assistants, but may apply to do so if vacancies occur.

125th Anniversary Scholarships Application Procedure

Applications will only be accepted electronically.

These should be submitted to the following e-mail address:PhDApplications@cns.bangor.ac.uk

Candidates must submit the following electronic documents:
1) A full CV
2) A copy of an official transcript of their academic results for first degrees and masters where applicable.
3) An accompanying personal statement outlining their academic interests and achievements and emphasising their particular interests in the research project applied for. The name of the project should be clearly written at the top of the statement.
4) The names and full contact details of 2 academic referees
5) In the summary, please also state briefly if you wish to be considered for the studentships AND the bursaries, or the studentships only.
6) Please state the nature and extent of your linguistic abilities and qualifications if your first language is not English or Welsh.

The e-mail subject should be titled ‘125 Studentships’

The deadline for submission of applications will be Friday 12th June 2009

Decisions will be made by 6 July 2009 and the studentships will begin in 2009

Bangor University Admissions Procedure

In addition to the College’s application requirements, if you are offered a scholarship you will need to complete a University application form and satisfy its general requirements before taking up a place.

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