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Monday, April 06, 2009

TweetThis! WARNING! Studera Scholarship for African Development = FRAUD and SCAM. Stay away!

The analysis of all the lies is written at http:/www.fraudwatchers.org/ under the heading
FRAUD - Worldwide - 2009 / 2010 Studera Scholarship for African Development - SCAM

Diagnosis of this message bear fraudulent characteristics as follows:
  1. Money being asked upfront.
  2. Pictures on the web stolen from a photo sharing website
  3. Address written in the USA belongs to a WomenCare shelter
    We thank Ammadou for the warning message that was left in the comment section. Ammadou had commented on 04/06/09 at 13:33:51 with the following message:

    Studera Scholarship Foundation is a scam / fake student scolarships.
    Details of this fraud targetting africans are at the following link:
    Studera Scholarship Foundation est une fraude / fausses bourses d'études.
    Les détails de cette arnaque ciblant les africains sont affichés au lien suivant:

    7 feedback :

    rvravi said... Wed Apr 22, 12:59:00 AM MST  

    let me know frens,
    1. the legalization fee for studera ssfw africa, is $15 accding to 'beasiswa', and $20 accding to studerascholarships.com??
    2. the po box addresses too are different 13765 and some another in other websites??
    isn't it skepticable???

    frezer said... Mon May 04, 01:52:00 AM MST  

    Hello brothers, I'm Dereje from Ethiopia. I got info about STUDERA SCHOLARSHIP on web sites. Is this scholarship really fake? I was just prepared to pay the legalization fee. Please save me.

    Anonymous said... Tue May 05, 03:25:00 AM MST  

    Yes,my instincts told me it was a scam the first time i came across it. The whole thing looks well planned,but information is very vague, and it just didnt feel right,so i googled it and came across this site.
    For example,are they going to seek admission for you? because you are not asked to apply with an offer letter,and they dont even have a list of their partner schools!
    Secondly,if they aim at helping "some of the poorest people in Africa", how are those people supposed to find $20?
    Also,the names of the contacts are very funny:
    Eg, Jennifer Kofi- Kofi is a Ghanaian first name for a friday born male child! There are sir names pronounced the same way but spelt Kwofie or Cofie, but never ever "Kofi"!
    And what kind of a name is Lorreta I.O?
    AND...why is the organisation's Bank account in the name of an individual?
    And the headquarters is in Nigeria?
    PLEASE, THIS IS 419!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

    Anonymous said... Fri Jun 19, 01:42:00 AM MST  

    Just saved by the bell. Thanks friends for alerting the world on fake scholarships. Please do not show your desperation for a scholarship as an African you may end up being scammed as some have already been. If you have what it takes to be sponsored you will be one day just take heart.

    Liberate Africa by being proactive in fighting for what is yours genuinely and the world will give us what we deserve. Thanks frends Mpiana - Ndola, ZAMBIA

    Anonymous said... Mon Jun 29, 03:22:00 AM MST  

    thnaks i nearly got ripped by the site but to my surprise i tried to send kofi an email asking about the issue of payment and was shocked that up to this day he hasnt reponded, i suspected foul play untill i discoverd this site ...............uh,,,,,,,,,thanks Patrick Ndata, South Africa

    Ayn said... Mon Jun 29, 05:10:00 AM MST  

    thanks guys, I have a feeling that this scholarship is a fraud too. I sent them email, asking for the affiliated universities, but they havent reply it for months.

    pamela antonio said... Fri Aug 21, 02:13:00 AM MST  

    tuition fee $US 3000-60000? THAT FIGURE JUS SHOWS HOW MUCH OF A SCAM THIS SITE IS!!!!!!!!

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