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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TweetThis! MSc - Community Wellbeing in Disaster and Development, Northumbria University

MSc - Community Wellbeing in Disaster and Development
Northumbria University

Location: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Date: 09/21/2009 to 07/20/2010
Language: English
Type: University Program

Training Description
We are living in a dangerous and uncertain world. The world seems full of violent conflicts. Disasters such as hurricanes, droughts and tsunamis and development failures such as the current global economic crisis make life difficult for communities everywhere. However, since the beginning of human civilisation, people have been dealing with these miseries, dangers and unknowns.

Religions, traditions, cultures and science, influence the ontological bases with which people understand these challenges. There is a high level of demand from the United Nations, International and Community Based Organisations and individuals to strengthen capacity to deal with community wellbeing all over the world.

The stimulating Community Wellbeing in Disaster and Development MSc will provide teaching and learning in community wellbeing based on empirical evidence from community experiences around the world, using both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.

The course will provide opportunities for you to progress your skills development, technical capacity and research interests relevant to the challenges now occurring in the world of disaster, conflict and development.

Key Features
- This new MSc has been developed to reflect the increased demand in wellbeing from the academic, policy and practitioner circles around the world.

- It provides a fascinating insight into the theories, concepts and practice underlying the discourse on community wellbeing in disaster and development.

- The course is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, combining geographical, sociological and anthropological analysis of the concepts of community wellbeing, with insights from indigenous and western alternative knowledge systems.

- The MSc promotes diversity of intake, in terms of experience, qualifications and interests, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and learning in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

- Most modules are also available individually as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
Intended Audience

This degree is aimed at:
- Professionals working in disaster, conflict and development policy and practice for whom the discourse of wellbeing is becoming increasingly relevant.
- Professionals who would like to deepen their understanding of community wellbeing from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective with a strong policy and practice focus.
- Recent graduates who are interested in disaster, conflict and development affected communities and in international issues, and who are seeking a deeper conceptual, practical and ethical understanding of the discourse on community wellbeing.

Training Contact
Janaka Jayawickrama
Email: j.jayawickrama@northumbria.ac.uk
Telephone: +441912274549

For further information: http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/communitywellbeing
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