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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TweetThis! Executive Diploma and Certificate Courses: Managing HIV and AIDS Programmes

Regional Capacity Building Partners (RECABIP)

Type: Distance or Online Learning
Keywords: HIV / AIDS

Training Description
This course will help you improve your management skills and your career and employment prospects. The practical nature of the course, and the fact that we have little of theory (well, we need a little bit of that at times) makes it useful particularly useful for those who want to strengthen their skills and knowledge, but even for those who are getting into it for the first time. The modules are designed so that participants understand the critical issues.

You can either download a registration form from our website or send us an email on diploma@recabip.com

Intended Audience
The Diploma Course is aimed at: Project managers in any field, but especially those whose are interested in learning about HIV and AIDS project design & management. - People who are interested in working on HIV and AIDS programme management. - People who have already worked in the HIV and AIDS field but would like to get a professional qualification on the subject. - And those who just want to study for the pursuit of knowledge.

Training Contact
Constantine Maoncha
Email: diploma@recabip.com
Telephone: +254020215 439 6

For further information: http://www.recabip.com/diploma_and_certificate.htm

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