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Monday, April 20, 2009

TweetThis! Get FREE AVG LinkScanner

If you are a windows OS user, please do yourself a favor and download this protection feature.

Why  AVG LinkScanner?
There are millions of poisoned web pages out there. They can live on familiar, big-name sites – and they can come and go within hours. Just clicking on one can get you into trouble. You can end up losing your money, your identity and your most precious digital memories.

AVG LinkScanner checks each web page in real-time before it opens on your PC. If it sees trouble ahead, it stops you. It’s quick and easy to install, runs smoothly alongside other major brands of security software and it’s free, forever.

Let AVG LinkScanner check out the links first. AVG LinkScanner looks for threats on every link you click in real time, before you get there. If a link is dangerous, you’ll be protected. And it runs alongside other security software. So click on. What have you got to lose?
AVG LinkScanner®
Real-time protection against online threats for free—forever.

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