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Monday, March 16, 2009

TweetThis! Lenovo's slim, sleek, thin, portable pocket yoga (netbook)

To what it seems like a fashion and a neccesity altogether now, a number of manufacturing companies have started flocking the market with their versions of ntetbook.

What is a netbook?
"The term netbook was re-introduced by Intel in February 2008 to describe a category of small-sized, low-cost, light weight, lean function subnotebooks optimized for Internet access and core computing functions (e.g., word processing) — either directly from applications installed on the netbook itself or indirectly, via cloud computing. More than 50 million Netbooks are expected to be in widespread circulation by 2011." - Wiki on Netbook

So basically, a netbook unlike a notebook is just a computer that has many (almost all) functions like any other computer only that, it is smaller. Lenovo (former IBM) has came out with it's version of netbook that can easily be stashed in your pockets.
You mean like pockets, pockets?
Yes, the pockets of the cloth you are wearing. Your trouser/pants or skirt/dress's you know, your pockets.
I think my travelling friends, historians, investigators, educators, journalists, reporters, bloggers and you, will be enjoying this handy device. It's very portable. Very little hassle when it comes to checking at the airport or travelling to the remote areas of Kilimanjaro.
Enuf, well, for now, it's time to admire the picture.

 ...and Yes, it's that small. It's a computer.

Photos credit, Flickr's Lenovo Pocket Yoga.

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