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Saturday, March 07, 2009

TweetThis! Did you choose your race? A message to albino killers

You can scroll below to see two shocking and depressing video clips about the brutal killings of innocent and disabled human beings in Tanzania, for their body parts.

I am talking to the witch doctors na wachawi na washirikina wote wanaoua albino. I don't know how they will read this blog or how this message will reach them, through the forces that be, I really don't care, I just want to vent.
Stop your stupid acts for Heaven's sake!
How many more lives are to be claimed until it's enough?

When shall you wake up from your stupid witchcraft drunkenness and learn to respect the right for others to live just like you enjoy yours?

How would you feel if someone killed you for who you are, which is how you were born and not what you chose to be?

O! I just wish I had power and that you had some little fresh space left in your, presumably by now, rotten brains, just a little enough to impart knowledge about humanity class 101, that you, for whatsoever reason, have NO any authority NOR right to harm any of your fellow human being, especially when they are disabled. You are so racist to see this plain and simple truth. You are so shelfish to embrace the richness of our physical differences which we happen not to have control of. If you had options, would you have chosen to be born in anyway inferior so that you be looked under by everybody else for the rest of your life? DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR COLOR? But I guess you are so mbaguzi, kaburu namba moja, usiye na utu wala chembe ya huruma to see this; hata mnyama mwitu huwa na huruma kwa binadamu wakati mwingine.

You ignorant witchcrafts and your stupid beliefs, will you stop these evil acts and turn away from your wrongful and despicable awful ways? Can't you feel ashamed at once for what you do? Your minds are clouded with dark thoughts and it's too dark for you to even see a spark of light while it's bright and sunny out there. Why do you like to shatter people's lives as if you created them? Who gave you the mandate to take out somebody's life?

You are nothing but a human being, just being played by the evil. Oh no, you can't see it. Hear me out here, YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE AND THAT IS NOT RIGHT. STOP IT!
Surely your day is near and you will be soon defeated. I pray that the wrath of the law and justice falls rightly upon you so hard and with force in equal proportions according to your acts! Stop this madness. Will you?

Lord have mercy on your people, even more, the disabled - here I refer to the Albinos!
God bless the albinos!
And may all the wise men and women, strong ladies and gentlemen and the the children of good will say with me - Amen!

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