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Monday, March 16, 2009

TweetThis! Beware of Facebook malwares

Facebook is a very popular social network nowadays, but, just like anything appealing, FB too can fall in the hands of crooks. Somehow, someone somewhere can put a trap that will fool you and consequently let you fall in the hands of wrong people who are constantly fetching for your personal information. Those who care about their  private information will easily acknowledge the importance of protecting their personal information from predators by taking extra precautions.

Always be wary of alerts which encourages you to download a special "codec" or "media player" in order to paly a song or view a particular video, most of those 'codecs' are malicious. Here is an example of a currently circulating malware:
Messages from Your Friends on Facebook, March 11, 2009
You have 1 Personal Message:
Video title: "Amanda is dancing on Striptease Dance Party, March 13, 2009! We're absolutely shocked!".
Proceed to view full video message:
Message ID: FB-7n1cqla9sgguzde
2009 Facebook community, Message Center.
Ask yourself if it is really necessary to see that video or hear that song.
As a rule of thumb Do not download any software you aren't aware of even if the suggested name appears genuine or legit because behind those names could be hiding or attachment of all sorts of malwares/viruses/trojans/worms/spywares etc.
If you absolutely have to download that file and there is no way you can stop yourself from seeing that crappy & nonsensical  video, then plese do yourself a favor by scanning it using your computer or online antivirus / antispyware.

Source : Sunbeltblog.blogspot via  PCWorld Security Watch

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