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Saturday, February 14, 2009

TweetThis! 'wow' weblinks

  • PC Decrapifier a program that can automatically detect and uninstall most of pre-installed software in a new Windows PC. Can also reset your browser home page and default search engine.
  • Tip of my Tongue - Find that word that you have been thinking about all day but just can't seem to remember. This tool helps you find words based on partial characters, word meanings, synonyms or word length.
  • Agile Messenger for Mobile Phones - is an IM mobile application that let's you sign in with multiple accounts through your mobile/cell phone. It works with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile and any Microsoft Powered Smart phone.
  • Filephile - Secure unlimited file transfers. Any computer, any file, any size, anywhere, with professional grade encryption.
  • SmarLook - issuu - (for website/blog owners) this product will turn all document-download links on your site into browser viewable documents such that anyone visiting your site will be able to click and read documents right inside their browser without having to actually download them.
    iSpeech - If you are as lazy in reading as me, use this site to Convert Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text File, HTML and RSS feeds to MP3 files. You can later play the recordings online or download them to your PC.
  • Screedbot - (for website/blog owners) this is an online tool that adds the scrolling typewriter effect to any text. The output image is rendered as an animated GIF file that can easily embed in web pages.
  • TorrentPump - Torrent search tool that aims to make searching easier by searching for torrent files on multiple sites.
  • Tagoo - Search web for MP3s, audiobooks, music clips and podcasts. You can easily stream, watch or download anything you find with it.
  • WaterMark - WatermarkTool can add the watermark to any uploaded image and then give you a download link to save it on to your computer.
  • Hidetext.net - convert text to an image. This means you can hide passwords, personal messages, pieces of code, or any kind of private information on forums, blogposts, emails, irc, msn-aim chats etc. The created image can be linked to, or you can download the image and delete it directly from the server.
  • Textme2Day - Send sms to mobile right from your computer. There is no sign up or registration needed.

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