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Monday, February 16, 2009

TweetThis! ITI Undergraduate Internship Program, Class of 2009

The online application system is now available! Before applying, please read detailed information on the program below.

General Information

The Information Trust Institute (ITI) is soliciting applications for Undergraduate Research Internship awards for Summer 2009. The students selected will be supervised by ITI researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in a number of information trust research areas. The award includes salary support and a possible allocation for travel expenses. It is anticipated that the duration of the internships will be 8-10 weeks, but proposals for different lengths of time will also be considered.


Preferred candidates are undergraduate students, from any university, in their second or third year, who have done some coursework related to this field. If you have at least one semester of undergraduate work remaining prior to graduation, you may apply.

Faculty Supervisors

Detailed information on all of the faculty members who make up ITI is available.

Listed below are the faculty who have specifically indicated their availability to sponsor students this summer. Please follow the links for more information to help you choose which faculty you are interested in working with.
  • Vikram Adve (compilers, security, software reliability)
  • Gul Agha (parallel programming, formal methods for concurrency, sensor networks, actors, multi-agent systems)
  • Narendra Ahuja (visual inspection of railcars, 3D mapping of buildings, object recognition)
  • Nikita Borisov (anonymous communication, peer-to-peer systems, intrusion detection, botnets)
  • Timothy W. Bretl (trustworthy human operation of semi-autonomous robotic vehicles )
  • Roy H. Campbell (operating systems, distributed systems, map/reduce, location awareness, mobiles )
  • Todd P. Coleman (message-passing algorithms, wireless communications, statistical data analysis for security, digital rights management applications)
  • Geir E. Dullerud (distributed robotics, hardware, software)
  • George Gross (electricity markets)
  • Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler (development of new computational tools for quantifying the complex dynamics of human movement, specifically locomotion)
  • Yih-Chun Hu (network security and wireless security)
  • Ravishankar K. Iyer (design and evaluation of reliable computing systems and applications )
  • Zbigniew Kalbarczyk (design and evaluation of reliable computing systems and applications)
  • Himanshu Khurana (distributed systems, security, access control, critical infrastructure protection, key management)
  • Darko Marinov (software testing, software reliability, software engineering)
  • Sayan Mitra (statistical model checking of distributed/real-time systems, reliable implementation of embedded systems)
  • Klara Nahrstedt (network security, trustworthy peer-to-peer mobile ad hoc networks, 3D tele-immersive networks)
  • David Nicol (cyber-security technology and policy, high-performance computing, modeling and simulation of large-scale systems and networks)
  • Manoj M. Prabhakaran (theoretical cryptography and provable security: secure multiparty computation, encryption schemes, signature schemes, security definitions, and secure composition of protocols)
  • Marianne Winslett (tamper-proof information management for regulatory compliance)

Submission Process and Deadline
Please apply via the online application system no later than Sunday, March 1, 2009.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications by mid-March.

The University of Illinois is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Students who are members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

If You Have Questions Not Answered on this Web Site, Contact:

Dr. Masooda Bashir
ITI Assistant Director for Social Trust Initiatives
+1 (217) 244-1139, mnb AT iti.illinois.edu

Source: ITI website

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