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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

TweetThis! Scholarship for International Undergraduate Students

Scholarship Opportunity for International Undergraduate Students at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

Xavier University announces its "International Ambassador Program" for undergraduate students. Each calendar year, up to five new international students are selected on a competitive basis from those who have completed the advanced level of the Intensive English (ESL) Program and enroll as undergraduate students at Xavier.

International Ambassadors receive a reduced tuition rate and participate with faculty or staff mentors in volunteer service on campus, both in and out of the classroom. The students do not work or receive a paycheck, but their service placements ensure that they interact with students, faculty, and other campus staff in meaningful ways. The reduced tuition rate (50%) applies for 8 semesters, or until = graduation, whichever comes first. All other school fees and living expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Xavier University, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and Universities in the United States. Students interested in the program should apply to Xavier's intensive English program; applications are accepted for the International Ambassador Program three times per year from among the advanced-level students.

For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/ and http://www.xavier.edu/esl

Jane Conzett, Director
Intensive English Program
Xavier Univesity
Email: conzett@xavier.edu
Cincinnati, OHIO 45207-2511 USA
Tel 513 745-2842, Fax 513 745-3844

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