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Sunday, December 07, 2008

TweetThis! Now, if this whole 'EPA & Relatives' thing could be straightened out...

...we could be, once more, a one respectable Tanzania with a goverment formed by responsible leaders and citizens led by the principle rule of law and justice.

Over the weekend, an estranged e-friend wrote to me asking what was my thinking with regard to the current situation in Tanzania to which I replied, well, I have a rather middle tone approach to this monster 'EPA and co ltd'. I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic, though, I admit that the steps taken so far are impressive, somehow promising, let's give it the benefit of the doubt that this is a walk towards the light.

The fact that the President (executive), Legislative and Judiciary systems have constantly entrusted us that they will firmly embark on fighting corruption in order to ensure life does not become a bitter experience to a common Tanzanian, much is still desired to be seen. The good step has begun, the real test lies on the accountability and responsibility in finishing up the task and delivering the promises already made.

First off, the hard work of speaking out by whistle blowers and identifying this crime needs an applaud without questioning as to who did it in the first place, or for what reasons, so long as the intentions were good and caters for the interest of the suffering majority (even if it occurred due to misunderstandings among the dirty, still a crime is a crime) lets second the act.
Secondly, for the government bodies to show interest and take initial actions to query and investigate on the matter, that too ought to be noted.
Thirdly, the important thing now remains to be finalised, that is, will the steps taken so far vividly translate to "a government that cares for it's citizens?", a reputation that will be a reference point for it's cause.

I am yet to call this a success until the whole thing is dealt with and justice delivered both, to the accused and the general population. Even if the accused were to be cleared off the charges, still, the question on where the billions of money was swindled needs a satisfying answer to the common citizen of Tanzania. That money is what would have been used to purchase medicine for a hundreds of people walking in in the health care centers everyday; text books could be bought and classrooms built for thousands of pupil and students in schools; that money could as well be used to pay a huge amount of money the government owe employees such as Teachers, EA retirees etc.

One giant step has been taken, so far so good, but that it's not enough reason yet to celebrate, we need to see that money being tracked down and once collected, injected it into the system in order to help with delivery of services to the citizen; we need to see the accused getting a fair judgment and, we have to have stiff, strong, open and unambiguous laws which will ensure the check and balance to every single transaction made by the government as well as the private sector.

Have a good and productive week.

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