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Thursday, November 20, 2008

TweetThis! Tanzania to start converting vehicles to use natural gas

Check the fuel vs gas needs of the car the next time you plan to buy one, because, to what seems like an attempt to get into where the rest of the world is, and perhaps going natural (of which I favor)...

....The government of Tanzania has plans to start using locally sourced natural gas in vehicles as from next year (APA-Dar es Salaam reports)

The managing director for the state-owned Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation Yona Killagane, told APA in an interview that his company together with the Pan African Energy Tanzania Ltd has embarked on a project to develop the natural gas refuelling infrastructure.

Killagane added that gas from the Songo Songo field in the southern part of the country bordering Mozambique, would be compressed and transported to industrial, commercial and domestic customers, as well as vehicle filling stations.

So far, three vehicles belonging to the corporation and the energy firm have been converted to use natural gas as well as petrol or diesel.

“Early 2009, the commercial city of Dar es Salaam will start the commissioning of its first compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations at Ubungo and the TPDC compound in Mikocheni area,” he said.

He said the corporation is seeking investors to own and operate trucks for the delivery of CNG.

According to Mr Killagane, only cars that are less than three years old will be suitable for conversion to use CNG.

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