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Friday, November 07, 2008

TweetThis! Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region

The application phase for the third Sida International Training Programme in Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region is now open.

The overall objective of the International Training Programme on "Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region" is to contribute to development processes within Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration.

The programme is composed of a number of modules covering a variety of topics related to land administration. In addition to these modules, each participant will undertake a "Development Project". More over, The Programme will include study visits both in the region as well as in Sweden to Municipalities, Government Institutions at National and Regional level involved in Land Administration.

The training programme is designed for those holding professional positions with specific responsibility, authorization and knowledge within the field of Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region. The programme is geared towards participants with the mandate to influence decision makers within their own organizations. Applicants from both governmental- and non-governmental agencies are welcome.

The training programme is a three-phased program starting with a one week Pre-meeting in a SADC country 7-13 May 2009. The second phase is two weeks training in Stockholm, Sweden August 2009. The third phase will take place two weeks in November 2009 in another SADC country.

Please see the invitation and application form below.

Closing date for application is January 30th, 2009.

273a_Rural_land _administration_invitation_2009.pdf
273a_Rural_land_administration_application 2009.pdf

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